The Alien Agenda

Today’s post is about what the”alien agenda” is REALLY about.

The “alien agenda” intends to stage a “fake” rapture. DO NOT be deceived – for real,”they” have the technologies to pull it off.

I write to you as the Word of the Lord came to me this morning and have been commissioned to speak to you. Beloved, He does not want us to be outwitted by the devil and all his devices.

2 Corinthians 2:11 clearly states that we are not to be ignorant of Satan’s schemes.


The enemy has designed a scheme that begins in a time of great despair and hopelessness. My Bride will wisely utilize these days to make themselves strong in Me. They will beautify their hearts, they will devote themselves to prayer and fasting. They will set their eyes on the prize, and make themselves spotless by sheltering under My Wing.

Sadly, those whose faith is not strong, will fall to the enemy’s scheme to show up as your “rescuers.” As the days grow darker, they will show up in great fanfare, pomp and grandiose display as they “reveal” themselves during these terrible times.

I tell you now – so you will not be taken by surprise. The enemy desires to appear to be your salvation. He will perform great lying signs and wonders. He will send ships, he will manifest great and terrible apparitions in the clouds.

He will pretend to be Me.

Although it is deception, these lying signs and wonders are not without power. The enemy has been to the throne room, he knows some of the secrets, but will NEVER know the deeper things. These lying signs and wonders are clever enough that when people see the ships, see the great devices unveiled in the clouds, many will believe that these are of the Lord.

They will think it is I.

They will believe these things because they are NOT submitted to me. They do not understand that the enemy is far beneath the POWER of the Most-High. Their hearts are cold, they lack discernment, and therefore, can not hear my voice, nor can they understand My great Love for them. Therefore, terrible lies, great storms of lies, will bear down on this people; and such lies will overcome the weak in your midst, the sheep with false teachers and fake shepherds.

Millions of people will agree to enter into a false rapture.

Beware- do not go to them!! I will come to you.

Through mind control devices and techniques, the curious, the fence-sitters and the spiritually unfit will listen, believe and obey the voice of the great LIAR. Many will believe that they are being raptured, and willingly be led to their deaths as they have forgotten my WORD to them. Many will stumble and fall as great is the mind control, wave after wave coming at them from every direction.

Many will forget the things they have been told far in advance in My word.

Have I not already told you? The time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it.

People will tell you, ‘There he is!’ or ‘Here he is!’ Do not go running off after them. For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other.

My people, do NOT believe the fakery and stage show of the LIAR.

IF you get on those ships, THEN you will find yourself devoured. They will feast upon your flesh and upon your blood. For, they are not at all human, they are the fallen. These are the drago (the dragons) Although they masquerade with many names, these are part bird, part reptile; they have supernatural powers and are altogether evil.

These are the fallen ones, they hate you, hate Me more, but tremble at the very mention of My Name.

Beware! These will eat you alive, pecking and clawing at you as they devour your flesh and drink your blood; for it is your life force they covet. It is your light, that they wish to devour, for in them there is only darkness.

As bad as that is, some of you will be saved for an even more horrible fate! They will take over your body! They will use your likeness to further deceive and devour many. These have supernatural abilities, of which most of you do not understand, can not understand or flat-out refuse to understand.

When your loved ones then suddenly reappear to you? You will rejoice in being reunited, but this is only to be consumed and devoured alive, by that which has taken the body.

I tell you NOW – if you have lost a loved one, consider them gone and do not trust your eyes regarding them again. The Dracos will use these pirated bodies – in fact, they already are doing exactly that. They have taken over the bodies of those in many key positions in government, military, medical, corporate worlds.

It is only going to get worse, much worse.

Mark my words! I warn you now that this is coming!

This alien invasion is also a false rapture and will be the trap for the many who have loved a lie and who have bought into false teachers, false theology such as found in your “mega-churches” and the prosperity gospel. The way of the cross is the way of the refiner’s fire! Have I not told you that you would be tried in the fires and tested as gold and silver, yet many of you want the easy way and you will not hear the truths, but would rather believe the lies.

Now, see, I tell you ahead of time.

The great liar is among you! He has been deceiving mankind since the beginning. Do you not know? The serpent even deceived the most innocent of all human beings that ever walked the planet. My Adam, My Eve – they walked with me in the garden! They were so connected into me, that they were even clothed in light. In them, there was no darkness at all. YET? They foolishly believed the lie that by disobeying Me, they would be more like Me and therefore even closer to Me.

Do you not know? IF the serpent did it to them, He can do it to you. The ONLY one that ever defeated Him was my Son, Jesus (Yahushua) the Christ.

It is only in Him you can overcome.

My beloved – I now beseech you, to learn to hear my voice. As I have already told you, My sheep hear my voice and will only go to Me and NOBODY will snatch them out of my hand. This is My promise to you.

However, I did NOT say you could not walk away. The choice is yours. The enemy must have your consent before he can proceed.

My people, you MUST learn to incline your ears, eyes, heart to Me! Learn now, while there is still time, to surrender. Only in this way, you will find true freedom. Store up your treasures in heaven, for this present darkness is fading away, but MY Word will never pass away.

It is written, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength.

In this, you are safe.



If you believe that we are either in or quickly approaching the last days, it is imperative to understand that war is the keyword of the apocalypse.

What began in the garden and has escalated for thousands of years – is about to culminate in this last and final battle.

As the world draws nearer to the “time of the end,” it must be understood that the deception that met with our early parents in the garden? Has now spread to world-wide proportions, the scale of which is unfathomable.

The number one tool of the enemy is and always has been, deception – and as we scramble to figure out just what is going on here? The deep things of Satan (Revelation 2:24) are in the background fighting us tooth and nail.

How far we are to go with this? I am not sure. There is a fine line between exposing the darkness vs. magnifying it. I tread carefully these days – my only desire is to do right by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Next, my desire is to validate/empower others in order to strengthen them in their own battles.

So many of the brethren have been caged in a life that is beyond difficult! The enemy has jailed us with many things – stole our provisions, stole our children, marriages, health, childhood, parents, siblings and it is heartbreaking. This accomplishes a lot for the enemy – it steals our heart. We are numb from getting repeatedly kicked in the center of our being – the heart.

Some of us are trying to navigate an existence that can only be classified as a shipwreck. No matter how many flares we send up, we’ve been sentenced to remain on the nightmare version of Gilligan’s Island for years.

I want to encourage you now – the apostles themselves were also”prisoners for the Lord Jesus” (Eph 4:1) Paul was imprisoned for years before he was executed. John lived on Patmos – a small, rocky and barren area where many criminals of Rome were sent to serve out their prison terms in harsh conditions. There were mines on the island that the “criminals” were forced to work hard labor under brutal conditions. We don’t know how long he was there – but we do know he was banished there when he was elderly. I can’t even imagine.

Over the last three weeks – I have been on a deserted island battling for my life. Nobody around me understands – worse yet? Do not want too.

That said – I have learned a lot about the latest versions of enemy’s weapons. Although they are not carnal – they can be physical. My testimony is that the Lord is greater than all the enemy’s weapons – yet? This does NOT minimize the pain, the scope and the anguish of the battle. No matter what, He is faithful to see us through!

Prepare yourself for a battle, decide NOW that we will not surrender. We will not give up. NEVER give up! Why back down from a fight that has already been won? The battle is the Lords.

The scriptures tell us that the enemy will produce worldwide deception that will enable the supernatural powers to carry out their will, drive people into rebellion against “the Most High God” as never before. I assert that much of it will be accomplished through mind-control agendas.

Deception is a form of mind-control. Mind control is a form of witchcraft meant to manipulate. Witchcraft comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Today, it comes in the form of high-tech voodoo aka implants – a subset of mind-control agendas.

IF you mistakenly believe that as a believer, you are exempt? Think again. The scriptures are clear – YOU are a target.

Today I will be talking about the implant agenda once again. It is real. Below you will find documents that show exactly what some of the newer implants look like. They are not metal, they are not chips – they are a biologically based organism. An interdimensional parasite working diligently to kill, steal, destroy and control.

It is not just a few of us – they will not stop until they have implanted the entire world. Some of us are just more visible than others. Some of us that have been used in the “other” ahem projects – have been lab rats to the implant agenda. If they can’t kill us? They have to keep us caged, silenced, compartmentalized and marginalized.

So – ask yourself – what happens in a war?

When a warring faction comes into a land? They are after territory. They take “ground” by laying a stake. Think about the land grab of the early days of the west – they staked out their STOLEN territory. Or even a flag on the moon . . .

But. that was dirt. Dust. Wait . . .was not Adam formed out of the dust of the earth?

They tunnel into the earth – and so my body as well. My body, my soul and my spirit became what I now understand as spoils of war. Three weeks ago – they were served yet another eviction notice. Squatters never win, btw.

Although these pictures are difficult to look at – DO NOT feel sorry for me. Celebrate with me – I WON. He is faithful – and has given us weapons that are MIGHTY to pulling down of strongholds. My testimony is simple but profound – I overcame by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of my testimony! JESUS IS LORD!

The implant below has been there since 1991 and has horribly impacted just about every aspect of my life – yes, including my faith.

When this opened up – it began with a serious itching, tingling and burning in my leg that ended up in my lower back. I saw a lump – tiny, but was not just under the skin – was down deep. I applied a little anointing oil, some drawing salve, and a band-aid. The next day – it looked like this.

Day One


When this thing opened up? It had a hard crust – calcified, like bone. It was in a perfect triangle shape. It looked infected, so I splashed on some Hydrogen Peroxide. It didn’t even foam. Weird.

Then this happened . . . I have since learned that it can self-replicate, has the ability to self-protect – now is trying to close trying to close itself back up. Notice the tiny wires – there were tons of those.


Applied more peroxide – and some antibiotic ointment that a doc had given me for a spider bite – then looked at it under a small lighted magnification. When I saw this little critter? I wanted to vomit – I mean . . .WUT?

Although it is difficult to see in the images, it is pretty freaky when it turns and looks at you.

Day Two


Smile you bastard – it’s selfie time!




Now I was beyond angry! GET OFF OF ME IN JESUS NAME! I grabbed my bottle of anointing oil – dumped it all over the thing. For the time being – the critter disappeared, but sure left a mess in my leg. Besides the wires? What are those things – teeth? Claws? REALLY?

after anointing oil

Day Three


critter eight

I mean, do you see what I see? What is THAT?

Now – I am in all kinds of pain. My leg hurts yes, but it is something else. Something down deep in my soul is changing, shifting, just in so much pain. I am nauseated as well. I clean the wound with a strong solution of diluted food-grade peroxide, cover it with more antibiotic cream, and go to bed.

The next day – I decided enough is enough. That this thing OFFENDS ME, so, I am going to do what the WORD OF THE LORD says – pluck it out. I didn’t care how much it hurt. I asked the Lord for help. It came out alright – but wow. Just wow. There is only one pain that even comes close – childbirth.

It makes no sense that if this is infected tissue – that it is that tightly woven into my flesh.

It took over an hour of HELL to get this thing out.

day three removal a

day three removal b

day three removal

Finally! By now – I was pouring sweat, nauseated and exhausted. Cleaned it with peroxide, covered with antibiotic ointment and called it a day.

Day Five

It’s trying to grow back. So three to four times a day – I clean and anoint my leg. I’m also sick. Fever on and off – no doubt from the toxins. My entire leg is itching, bruising – which came off in an Epsom salt bath. (seriously – have you ever scrubbed a bruise off?)

I’m exhausted – but determined. I am going to win this thing.

self replicating


Notice the wires . . . so tiny, but so strong.

wires 2

It took days to beat this thing – there were layers upon layers to it. Some days were better than other days. Every day was a battle. Some days were very discouraging.


Some days I could see it was clearing up.



Other days – not so much. I kept cleaning, anointing and praying.


No words . . .


self replicate 2



Wires everywhere!

Finally – it began to heal for real.

beginning to heal


Its going on three weeks – and it’s almost gone. I’m left with a small scar.

This thing did not just affect my leg – it affected my CORE. Something shifted inside, down so deep, it was like earthquakes in the center of my being. Something inside has fundementally shifted, and it is a good thing. It’s been a journey and I am not quite there yet. I’m still very tired, and even writing this today is exhausting.

I spent a bit of time doing research and found that where this thing was located that it was attached to the network of nerves in the thigh – eventually creating a connection to the spinal cord. (energy source) It is kind of hybrid of synthetics-nanotech-fungus, and has other nasties as well. Fungus carries electrical current – but won’t get all technical here, (although I could) let’s save it for another day.

Ever wonder why the Lord was so strict about mold in the Old Testament? Candida can control your appetite? Just sayin . . .

Finally – on a practical level, found a few things that I helped so much. I will expand upon this in the next blog.

Besides prayer and the anointing oil – the Lord gave me an antifungal therapy that worked and was not expensive. This is not meant to be medical advice, but rather letting you know what worked for me. For starters – magnets are useless. Epsom salt baths worked wonders. Don’t be shy – four to five cups to a bathtub full of water. The antibiotic ointment was prescription – used for spider bites. Fairly certain that this is due to the necrotizing of the surrounding area.

Food Grade peroxide – both internally and externally. 10 drops in a cup of distilled water three times a day internally. Externally, I diluted to be a slightly stronger version of the drugstore brand (5%).

Bentonite Clay – 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in a cup of water once a day. Nasty – but it also helped clear any heavy metals. Also – a teaspoon of borax dissolved in a little water also worked to clean the wound – and the entire leg when the rash broke out. A few drops of Oil of Oregano helped with nausea and cramping.

I will post more specifics in the next blog post. Until then – may the Lord bless you, keep you and make His face shine upon you, and give you peace.

All my Love

A Warning From the Lord

For the last three weeks, I have experienced a persistent anxiety – blamed it on several things, but after I cleared them up? It didn’t leave. It appears that I have been birthing a Word for His people. It came to me last night – at midnight.

This word is not “nice” but it is more than fair. I am posting this not because I want to, but out of fear of the Lord.

I definitely heard from him, and have been charged to warn you.

We have work to do.

To those who have ears, let them hear.


I stand on the shores of time and look over the ocean. I’ve been here before – I didn’t like it then, and I certainly don’t like it now.

I see two waves – one lesser, one very great – thousands of feet high. They are headed towards the shore at a great speed. I now understand what it means to be “sorely afraid!”

I cry out to the Lord – that wave is too great – it will overtake the land!

Then I hear thunder. Then it is silent. A familiar but still small voice from far away comes up from deep within my being. I don’t have to ask – I KNOW it is my Lord.

He speaks . . .


The waves you see are disasters about to overtake the land – yea, even the entire world.

I have been patient, painfully patient. Now I must move – because YOU, my people are not.

Your sin is great before me.

My people have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the shedding of innocent blood.

Even after I have exposed it, again and again, MY people do not want to hear! They turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the nonstop blood sacrifices to Satan’s kingdom. While you feast at your infiltrated church picnics and waterslides – the enemy feasts on the flesh of children and spills rivers of blood.

Your silence is agreement with the detestable practices of the wicked. Therefore, your prayers are not answered, your feasts are a stench before me.

Do you think I don’t hear? Do you think I don’t see? Do you not know that it is my breath that is in them? How do you not know that it is I they torture? It is I they rape. It is I they want to murder?  That these little ones who must endure horrors beyond anything imaginable are connected into ME?


Do you not know? I see. I hear. I feel. I am not an idol of stone. Yes, it has reached my ears. It has not escaped my eyes. It has certainly not been overlooked by my heart.

As these little ones scream in pain as they are ripped limb from limb out of the very womb I placed them in? Their faces sliced off? Tortured, raped and sacrificed? I feel, hear, see and smell every last bit of it. I AM with even the smallest of them!

Do you not know? Their angels weep before my throne day and night!

My question to you is this – WHERE ARE YOU SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF ADAM?

Do I hear the sound of your cries for YOUR babies in my ears?

I do not.

Yet – I have heard a few cries. I have heard the sound of your accusations in my ears!


I say to you – WHY ARE YOU?

This is your world. I, the Creator of ALL things, gave it to YOU!   It is YOU that have dominion. Your parents handed it over to the Serpent in the beginning – but I spilled my OWN blood that I might restore it back to you.

Yet – you cry, weep and moan that the devil is running all over you.

Some of you have even come into agreement with silver-tongued devils belching out deception at the gravesites of murderers, child traffickers, and traitors. (McCains Funeral)

Instead of weeping before me, crying out from the depths of your soul?

You accuse those I have positioned to expose the wickedness in the highest places. Your rulers have been appointed by me!  How do you NOT know that some of them have repented of their past, and are doing like I told the rich ruler – putting their money where their mouth is?

I ask you to do the same.

Have I NOT said IF you engage in the detestable practices of the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites – the land will vomit you out?

Those detestable practices included sexual perversion, pedophila and child sacrifice. Be warned, for I am the same today, yesterday and always. Search my Word!  Look at Leviticus 18-20 and see just what those practices were that caused the land to become defiled, and those that did such things, or remained silent when others did such things – and were vomited out!

I warned them, that if they copied those practices, the land will also vomit them out – and this is exactly what happened to them.

Your culture today IS WORSE.

The priests of Satan put on suits, ties and high heels and parade around – they love their titles, their bank accounts, their power. So professional. So “nice.” So DEBAUCHED as they sit behind computer screens on TOR browsers (dark web), gaining sexual pleasure as they watch children raped, murdered and skinned alive.  Some watch on CCTV/surveillance cameras as children sit on buckets to catch the blood to be consumed. Some carry that very blood around in vials in their overpriced luggage. Some of them participate in the ever-increasing evil of horrific activities underground.

Some of it is hidden in plain sight.

I have exposed it and will continue to expose it. Weep before me. Repent of your inactivity. Despise your sense of powerlessness. Turn and I will heal you! RISE UP, my people!  Pray, fast, grieve!  Speak to the mountain and it will throw itself into the sea!


You’ve been warned. Those two waves are at your door. They will cause the land to vomit you out. Look back over the last year(s) – look at the fires, the hurricanes, the tornados, the floods, and know that this is merely a warning. The land is preparing itself to vomit you out.

Time is running out – repent.


Leviticus 18: 24-29 (NIV)
24 “‘Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nations that I am going to drive out before you became defiled.25 Even the land was defiled, so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants. 26 But you must keep my decrees and my laws. The native-born and the foreigners residing among you must not do any of these detestable things, 27 for all these things were done by the people who lived in the land before you, and the land became defiled. 28 And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

Leviticus 20: 1-5
20 The Lord said to Moses, 2 “Say to the Israelites: ‘Any Israelite or any foreigner residing in Israel who sacrifices any of his children to Molek is to be put to death. The members of the community are to stone him. 3 I myself will set my face against him and will cut him off from his people; for by sacrificing his children to Molek, he has defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name.

If the members of the community close their eyes when that man sacrifices one of his children to Molek . . . .5 I myself will set my face against him and his family and will cut them off from their people together with all who follow him in prostituting themselves to Molek.

Prayers for DID – Update

Below is an update on the prayer that the Holy Spirit gave me at the beginning of our healing journey.

Tuck this prayer into your arsenal – and when you pray it?  Please go SLOWLY – one sentence at a time, make sure you are fully engaged, not disassociating, triggering or switching.   If possible, partner with somebody who loves you to pray with you, keep you steady on the path and focused on what you are actually saying.

Words are powerful – Agreement is more powerful!  The enemy can and will throw static. There is a lot here – you may have to break it up a bit.

If you need a prayer partner, I will do what I can – email me here.

In the days before I realized I was shedding the programming, or that memories were surfacing – or even that I was living in two (or more) dimensions at once?

He fought for me. He sent archangels to do the same.  I am honored.  To think of this causes tears to run down my face.

I am my beloved, and He is mine.

He is Yours too.



Prayer for DID

Part 1 – Preparation

Father – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Creator of all things, both visible and invisible. I come to You now in the name of Your One and Only Son, the REAL Jesus Christ.

I now shut down and utterly destroy all fake Jesus programming, holograms and voices NOW in Jesus name.

I cover myself and all that is within me with the blood of the Lamb and as per Hebrews 4:16 – and now come boldly unto the throne of grace, to obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

I do love you so much Lord.  Thank you for receiving us.

I now come boldly before you to make my appeal to the God of Daniel 9:4, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with those who love Him.

(Selah – wait a moment – let Him love you back – focus on how much He loves you!)

I’m my beloved, and You are mine – but this is a gift from You Lord.  I can do this, only because You First Loved me (1 John 4:19) and while I was still a sinner, you died for me. Romans 5:8,  God made You, my beloved,  who had no sin to be sin for me, so that in You, we might become the righteousness of God. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

There is, therefore, NO condemnation for us in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1)

Father, I now ask you, in the Name of Jesus to Glorify Yourself – and let those who are praying with us today,  FEEL the mighty touch of Your tender mercies and your passionate love for them.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you.


(beloved – wait before Him here – tarry for a while.  Give Him a chance to talk to your heart – He so Longs to speak to you – let His love wash over you like a river – let it flow from your heart and down your cheeks)


Now Lord, please hear my prayer on behalf of this house, this temple – every realm, every dimension, domain and person within my being. I remind you Lord of what You said in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that says if I would humble myself and pray and seek Your face and repent – that You would hear from heaven, forgive our sin and will heal our land.

The land I am speaking to You about now is the realm of my heart, my soul, every dimension and domain you have placed within me.

I make my repentance before you now – I TURN FROM all that I have done either willingly or unwillingly, in the body or out of the body that has offended You and Your Holy Name.

Let heaven rejoice as it bears witness that these are NOT just empty words, but a true understanding of the devastation of the disconnect from you that has been caused by these things.

I need you like I need AIR – I never want to be away from you again.

By the shed blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ of Nazareth – I accept the finished work of the cross, as IT IS WRITTEN about us in Galatians 2:20 that I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

1 John 4:19 states that Jesus Christ chose me – as it is written in Corinthians 3:16, I am now His temple for THE Holy Spirit.

I do now declare before all of heaven – that YOU, El Elyon, MOST High God, have chosen, YOU have sanctified and YOU have consecrated this temple, this house so that YOUR eyes, YOUR heart, YOUR Name may reside HERE forever.

I now ask in the Mighty name of Jesus that Your eyes will be open and that You would turn Your ears to this intercession on the behalf of myself and all that is within my being.

Baptize me with the FIRE of the Holy Spirit Lord – and let my mouth be filled with FIRE as WE, advance together against the evil done within my being.

I present myself and ALL that I am to you, Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, my King, my brother, my Friend, My Banner, My Covering, My Redeemer, My defense – all that I am to YOU holy and acceptable, as per Romans 12:1.

I put on the full armor of God as per Ephesians 6 –

I put on the helmet of salvation over my mind that I might see all things through the miracle of my salvation.

The breastplate of righteousness – not my righteousness, but yours Lord God!

The belt of truth – You are the Truth that holds all things together –  the shoes of the gospel of peace – as I walk in perfect peace, my mind fixed on You and the path you have laid down before me.  You are the Lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path (Ps 119).

I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart, sharper than any two-edged sword.  Hebrews 4:12

The Shield of Faith to quench the fiery darts of the devil.  Those darts hurt Lord, and sometimes the pain shrinks my shield, sometimes can even break it into pieces.  However, You said if I do not have enough, to ask you for more – for Faith is a gift of God.  (Eph 2:8) So – I’m asking.  There is never such thing as not enough faith – increase my faith.  Increase my shield. In Jesus Name.

As I pray in the Spirit now – Let the GLORY of the Lord descend and surround me, be my rear guard.

I stand ready now to take a stand against the devil.

Thank you, Lord for clothing me with righteousness.  Thank you for the crown of Salvation.



Part 2 –  TAKE THE LAND!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9

ABBA FATHER, I come before you now, as a AUTHORIZED and LEGAL representative of all the parts within me, whether they be in this realm or elsewhere and CLEARLY DECLARE that JESUS CHRIST, Son of the LIVING GOD now holds the TITLE DEED to all my parts, fragments, body, soul and spirit, including all hijacked DNA.

This is a LEGAL transaction – HE purchased the deed with His own blood.

I now serve LEGAL NOTICE to all that reside within these realms that WE are NO longer our own, we are bought with a price. JESUS CHRIST is the RIGHTFUL owner of all levels, all dimensions within EVERY realm – and as such has sanctified every fiber of my being – and therefore, Grace and Mercy does NOW prevail over us.

As it is written, that for this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. I decree and declare that EVERY work of the devil is NOW destroyed in me, in ALL realms of my being now and forever more.

By the finished work of JESUS CHRIST on the cross, I establish my rightful LEGAL place in the third heaven as is written about me in the scripture Ephesians 2:8 – that God raised us up with Christ and seated US with HIM in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.

I ask Father, in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH that you assign the HOLY ANGELIC HOST of the MOST HIGH GOD to reinforce me as I do battle against the forces that have enslaved and entrapped me and all that is within my being.

I now WAR in the NAME of JESUS and BY HIS SHED BLOOD and do battle on behalf of every level, dimension and domain of my conscious, subconscious, and unconscious territory(s).

I advance against the kingdom of darkness, to new levels, unknown realms and territories, taking it back for the Kingdom of Heaven in the name of Jesus

BY HIM, JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH and by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, I renounce, revoke and sever every stolen, genetic or other “legal” right, every “legal” hold and every demonic transaction done on my behalf, on the behalf of my parts or any transaction entered into by any my parts.

I decree and declare them from this day forward NULL and VOID by the blood of the lamb and in the name of Jesus for the GLORY of the Father.

BY JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH AND by HIS BLOOD, I break down and utterly destroy every hook, line, wire, nanotech, implants or any foreign material – physical, spiritual or psychological that the enemy has attempted to build within the realms of my being.

I destroy, sever, implode and explode ALL demonic technology, alien implants, harmonic mind control, abduction and intrusion into my home in the NAME OF JESUS. I ask Father that you would dispatch the HOLY ANGELIC HOST of HEAVEN into the enemy’s camp – that you would UTTERLY destroy every alien structure, hybrid creatures, insect, locust, stronghold, device and technology in the NAME OF JESUS that has come against my being, my family, my seed, my provision and all that you have given me in Jesus Name.

BY JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH and by HIS BLOOD – I declare WAR and completely destroy every evil temple, city or structure that the enemy has sown and built up within me.

I tear down, explode and reduce to ashes never to be rebuilt – every demonic stronghold. Cursed before the Lord be anyone who rises up and attempts to rebuild!  (Joshua 6:26).

I now set a wall around these territories, I post angels by the gates to protect my cities, structures, domains and dominions.

IN THE NAME OF JESUS, BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB – I break, crush, smash sever and utterly destroy, every curse, spell, witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, Santeria, black magic, white magic, word curse, psychic prayers, psychrotronic weapons, electronic witchcraft and every occult activity that been erected and have spoken/performed against all aspects of my being, realms, family, loved ones, finances, career and all that you have given me, in Jesus name. I now ask Lord that you send your Angels to create a protective wall of fire and a hedge of protection around all that you have given me.

I ask Lord that you send your angels to keep us safe while you accomplish this, in the name of Jesus.

BY HIM, JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, I declare WAR on those that have done these things to me, my family and my seed in Jesus name. I send ALL of them to the pit and ask Father that You would keep them there until the day of their judgment IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I ask that you dispatch the HOLY Host of heaven to round this great evil up, bind them and take them to the place of outer darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

In THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, I ask you, now, in the NAME of JESUS to take the fallen angels the ones who have instigated this horrible evil to the place where the great mountains are burning with a terrible fire, the abyss, to the dreadful place . . . the prison of the angels where they will be imprisoned forever


Part 3 – Restoration

I now close every demonic portal in every realm in my being in Jesus name. I disengage every demonic access point in Jesus name and apply the blood of the Lamb to these areas.

I take authority over any part that is serving the occult within me or that is in another realm – I now give you a choice – either you go with Jesus, be set free? OR be shut down until you are removed from this or any other body, spirit and/or soul.

While I understand that you had no choice at the beginning, you have one now. 

Choose this day who you will serve!  As for me and MY house, we WILL SERVE THE LORD.

I take authority over these realms, taking it BACK in the name of Jesus.

I now, for the Glory of the Father, and in the Name of Jesus, decree and declare healing and restoration over the Image of God within me, in my heart, soul. body, Spirit, conscious, subconscious and unconscious domain, realm and dimension of my being

I ask You Father to send Angels to return all soul fragments, body parts, tissue samples, digital images, correspondences, uploaded intelligence(s), and form of AI, or biotech copies, avatars or human, alien or angelic DNA implanted in my body that does not belong to my being.

I set you free now in Jesus name and by His blood.

I ask You Father, in the Name of Jesus that you send Your angels to return these things to where they belong, in Jesus Name.

I TAKE BACK in the name of Jesus CHRIST all that has been STOLEN from this body, soul & Spirit. I ask Father that you send angels to recover every part, fragment, DNA, tissue sample, photograph, digital image, avatar, clone or any other kind of genetic material from the enemy and ask that all areas of compromise be restored to their rightful place in the NAME of Jesus.

I now decree BY JESUS CHRIST, FREEDOM for ALL parts, spiritual or physical, in every realm and on all levels of consciousness – I decree and declare FREEDOM from ALL trauma suffered by my parts NOW in Jesus Name.

THE Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free,

I ask Lord Jesus that you, the great Physician to go gently into the rooms, tunnels, time-locks, cages & dungeons to locate them.

You are my tender Shepherd.  Bring these broken ones back unto Yourself.

I am asking that YOU break down walls, bridge the gaps, heal broken connections, bind up the broken hearts, pour the oil and wine on the brokenness.

Please Lord – clean, restore, and sanctify those within my being that have suffered unfathomable evil, brutal torture and SRA.   Have mercy on them, remember how they have been sinned against, even while they were still in the womb.

Oh . . .LOVE THEM FATHER, with the Love that ONLY YOU can give. Please give unto them the LIVING WATER. I ask that you create a river of living water as it is WRITTEN in John 7:38, Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within every dimension of our being.

Lord Jesus, please create these rivers within all realms within me – then please show them the way to drink their fill. Feed them the bread of life, for they are hungry.  They have been starved – let them eat their fill!

I ask Lord that you restore all that has been stolen, in Jesus name.  It is written, that when the THIEF has been found – he must pay back seven-fold.  I receive that promise from You and You Alone right NOW in Jesus Name.

In Jesus Name I pray





I have two goals for this post – first, I want to comment on the events of this past week and how it applies to implants.  Then please find below links to some of the older posts as they do have a tendency to get buried,  I hope to make it easier to navigate the past posts, pictures & prayers.

I have come so far since those first moments!  Healing is a process, and so is total recall – Our Lord is with me every step of the way as I get closer to both every day.

I wanted to comment on the events of this week as I suspect that it is connected to implants.

Once again, a young man went into a public place in Baltimore and shot up a bunch of people. This, like so many similar events that have traumatized America over last few years?  IMHO, these brutal events are accomplished through mind control agendas deployed via implants.  There is a pattern – a little research and we learn that most of these young men come from freemason families,  That after these ritual murders, the ensuing media hoopla, is always jammed packed with people displaying freemason symbols in their clothes and jewelry? That when these young men are apprehended, they are in a daze before they “wake up” and appear clueless to their involvement?

The image below was found on the young man’s social media – he had it clearly placed on his forehead. A little digging, and I quickly learned that there are others that are actually tattooing this on their body. It is called Brand of Sacrifice. This is “technically” connected to a PlayStation game called “Berserk.” REALLY?   So is it that much of a stretch to implant an individual, send a signal to them, so they go “berserk” and spill blood to further an agenda to disarm the citizens of the USA?

The Brand of Sacrifice is also a curse.

brand of sacrifice

Oddly enough – I had several very similar patterns emerge from under my skin on my body. These markings first appeared on my arm in 2007. The first thing I pointed out to the docs WAS the odd pattern. Typically rashes are random.  Sigh.  I have had to stare at these markings for over a decade now.

So – when I saw the “Brand,” my stomach flipped. After comparing it to the several I have on the body – and it seems a little too similar for it to be random.

This is one of them on my right forearm.

pattern on arm small

I have no clue where the bruises came from – did not see them until I took the pic of my arm for the blog this morning.

If my suspicions are correct? Then THIS IS NO GAME

In the Name of Jesus, ANY CODE, BLOOD, LIFEFORCE or LINK taken from me for the “New Child of Darkness” aka the same OLD snake – by the BLOOD OF JESUS, is now and forevermore, a VIRUS to them.  YOU ARE ALREADY DEFEATED! I speak now with the authority given to me in Luke 10:19, LOUDLY, BOLDLY through all dimensions, systems, all devices, all AI and beast quantum computing networks, both here and anywhere else you are HIDING!  

Now let these words resonate through every dimension, timeline and domain.


Lord Jesus, bring Glory to the Father and answer my prayer for the lost little ones who have been taken captive by this insidious agenda!  Please send search and rescue to all that are imprisoned!  I ask that you apprehend the strongman, his minions, his devices and his human counterparts – that all captives be located, and set free.  



How Do You Know If You Have An Implant

Operation Biohack – Part One – The Implant Agenda

Operation Biohack – the Prayer


See you next week.


After a 4000 mile round-trip and month-long sojourn to see estranged family (it went very well – thank you for all your prayers) to assist with my 86yr old mother’s heart issues (hospitals, Doctors Offices and more Doctors Offices) followed by ten days of visiting grandchildren, and then a week of driving four hours a day roundtrip to get my youngest daughter to camp . . .

I’m back.  I have so much I want to share.  When driving so many miles – it is good to hear from the Lord.  I did hear from Him – and will tell you all about it this weekend.

Happy Independence Day!


Little Time Traveler

As a child, they used me in the Montauk experiments.

I wasn’t the only one, they used my brother too.  They used a LOT of children, 250,000 of them, spread out over the various projects. So many of them died – this was a brutal project.

Montauk was not JUST about time travel – oh no.

Montauk was about mass mind control, hybrid breeding programs, remote viewing & the secret space program.

Montauk is the dragon coming out of the sea.

Like many children, I was highly psychic. Btw – I hate that word, it triggers me. It is an EVIL thing, denotes demonic hacking of the perfect design that was given to us all, from the very beginning.   It is how the demonic realm backdoors our connection with God.

I plan on getting into this in-depth with you very soon.

I think a better word for psychic is psychotic – interesting how those two words are so similar. Certainly, in those days, there were plenty of psychopaths running around Montauk.

So, because of this, ahem, “ability” I was abducted, by both military and aliens – for decades. I have the implants, the marks, the photographs and the messed-up history to prove it. Aliens are another trigger word – they are NOT aliens, they are Satan’s seed.

They are certainly NOT your friend.

I have an alter that calls them “The Muppet Show.” Sadly, I heard just this week that “they” took out Jim Henson (so young, freakish death) because they thought he was mocking them.

Today, I am posting journal pages from June of 2015 when the memories were just beginning to surface. I will introduce you to Heidi – my little time traveler, and one of the first to surface.   Written in stream-of-consciousness, I have been debating with myself how to publish this.

At first, I thought I should just publish Heidi’s story, and not bore you with the details.

Yet, if I do that, you will miss the journey to find Heidi.

The time travel part of this entry is riveting. Quantum physicists are just now barely scratching the surface of what Heidi calls memories. Boom.

For me, the internal struggle between present self and past alter is profound. As I read, I realized what I had to overcome!  There’ s no way I could do this ALONE.  My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has been with me every step of the way.

I had to get past body memories, a censor – maybe even more than one. I had to leave behind a lifetime of identifying as a reasonable, educated rational woman, to discover that other people were sharing my body – not to mention that what I thought was fiction was real.  That bizarre creatures that call themselves aliens are real and so was time travel!

WORSE YET? I had been exploited by all of it since I was a child and never even knew it!

I had to get past the implants.  I had to overcome scar tissue from the electroshock that was so deep, that my body would discharge static every time a memory surfaced. I had to get past all of that to finally accept that the unacceptable did happen.  That said, through it all, My Lord has been with me. He has NEVER left me, He has never forsaken me – and that will never change.  He will be with me always.

For you, perhaps how time looks from Heidi’s point of view will be fascinating. I know it was for me! Over the past several years, I’ve been graced with one confirmation after another, that Heidi’s memories are indeed, a very accurate glimpse of the 4th dimension.

I have over the years, found several others inside that were used as time travelers. You might know one of them – her name is Murphy (used extensively in the 1980s)

Anyway, their story begins here, with Heidi.

For those trying to recover what the enemy has stolen, it is my prayer that as you read about this very difficult day three years ago? It will help you to know you are not alone.

To get the stream-of-consciousness out of your head on the page is powerful. If you do the work, the Lord will meet you. That said – please don’t go by yourself. Seriously, you need the Lord’s help, but you MUST ask for it.

If you are DID – please find the prayers on this blog – they are called “prayers for DID” or you can email me and I will send them to you. In the MIGHTY and powerful Name that is ABOVE all Names, Jesus Christ, I prophesy healing to you! YOU are so very important to Him, and He wants you healed even more than you want you healed!

Heidi thinks we should just lay it down the way it happened. I agree. We worked as a team that day, it was hard work, but birthing is like that. This is about Heidi being born from the past to the present.

If I add anything, you will see it like this – NOTE:

One Summer Day in the Life of a Recovering DID

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I hate it, but I have to do it. What is going on inside NEEDS a place to go.

What I HAD planned for today? Was to make jam from the gallons of mulberries that came from the tree outside my house. No way is this going to happen. I’ll freeze them, worry about it later.

I have anxiety. My mouth is dry, my entire body protesting a darkness that has no name. Oh, how I wish my heart would BE STILL! Doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen either.

There are fireworks (and a freak show) going off inside and July 4th doesn’t happen for another two weeks!  I’ve been up since 8am – two hours ago but feels like 50 years ago. Now that’s different! How come when things are good, it goes by too fast, and when it sucks, it takes forever?

(NOTE: Time perception is a field of study within psychology and neuroscience that refers to the subjective experience of time, which is measured by someone’s own perception of the duration of the indefinite and continuous unfolding of events.)

This internal concert HURTS. The back of my head (throbbing) my neck & throat are very stiff, and solar plexus area (aching, tingling, vibrating).

As the day progresses, I will journal – audit the body memories & inventory the thoughts passing through my mind as they unfold. I have given up on making sense of it for now, which in and of itself, brings relief.

Today, it’s a matter of receiving the information – and writing it out to acknowledge its presence.

(NOTE: For a DID – letting go is the beginning of freedom. Those little voices are crying to be heard, buried in the subconscious for decades. “Making sense” is futile – for starters, it’s not my memory, and for the alter trying to surface? It’s devastating.  You push them away because they scare you, they kick against our programmed normalcy – which isn’t real anyway – it’s an illusion of “normal.”   For years, I didn’t realize that these random odd moments were actually alters trying to tell me why they were in pain)

It has been days of this now – body memories running concurrently with a collage of information – images, thoughts and nowhere to go to “make sense,” and I hate that – no comfort zone, absolutely no frame of reference.

Some of it seems compressed in a zip-file, have no clue how to unpack it.

Many times over the past several days, my whole body shakes, I get dizzy, joints hurt, body feels cold – then hot, sometimes I get this odd sensation of being really short. Sometimes, sharp shooting pains everywhere – particularly my feet and ribcage. Get really hot – welts appear and disappear – even in the most awkward of places.

My fingers get tangled up when I try to type, periodic weeping – painful sobs from my belly feel as if they will strangle me – as my body heaves in anguish.

Just what exactly is happening here?


About a week ago – I met Heidi. Heidi wants me to know that she is a time-traveler.

Heidi was named Heidi because she goes to see grandfather (time).

As I attempt to unravel what she knows – it is very difficult because I don’t have a reference point nor even the words to explain it – it’s like groping around in the dark, trying to navigate something that I’ve never seen before.

Just this – wrap my head around the idea that somebody else is sharing my body?

A child shares my body. A child shares my body. WTF, a child, whom I have never met before, shares my body?

Okay – shaking/anxiety too much now, way too much.

Need to back away for awhile.


One hour later . . .about 11:30am

Still shaky – but a little better. This just swished through my mind . . .

How does anybody know what they know? More a less a DID who has been PROGRAMMED to know what they have been TOLD to know?

How does DID get past that to get to TRUTH?

“Epistemology” is the study of knowledge and justified belief. Just what exactly IS knowledge or “justified” belief? Particularly how this applies to DID and trauma-based mind control?

Just exactly what kind of “justified belief” takes a small child and tortures them until they split internally in order to use them in brutal experiments so “they” can gain MORE (demonic) knowledge (to do what, exactly)

Knowledge is useless without an application.



WHY has my entire life, been a giant question? Why, since I was a child, been driven to find answers to questions I didn’t even know I had? WHY did I have a passion to read everything I could get my hands on – even a whole library of books before I was thirteen?

What drove me to do this?

At one point in my life, for a short while, I was a college professor – academic research is part of that. Yet, so many times, found myself falling down the research rabbit hole, but was not doing a study, nor was I writing a journal article.

The question remains – WHY was I DRIVEN to research like a junkie needing a fix? Why during these times of intense research have I been PELTED by the occult?

Note to self: Add that question to the list.


One of those times was summer/fall of 2003 – when working on my MFA. The research I completed over that summer was self-driven, no mentorship, committee or academic advisor. Once again, had questions that I couldn’t really articulate but HAD to find answers for.

Looking back, clearly, I was looking for logic in all the wrong places.

Just recently I discovered that what I was doing that summer mirrored the (brilliant) work of David Flynn. When somebody sent me a copy of his book –  I was amazed as I had compiled much of the same information in my own research.

However – he was writing a book. I was not.

While Flynn’s research found coherence in another dimension – mine got stuck in the “rational.”  His work found the answers – my work just left me staring at ever-increasing stacks of research with more questions. Flynn found that while the (demonic) codex manifests in this world (particularly in the arts) the source is NOT of this dimension. The answers can only be found if we step outside the “rational” or and understand that there is another intelligence that resides in a dimension parallel to this one.

Although this intelligence claims to be superior to us, they are anything but. They cannot create, they can only imitate. The darkness imitates the light of the Lord but really is all about hacking (stealing) ours. That this intelligence is evil-genius, completely depraved, regards all living things as chattel, are master thieves, murderers, liars, destructive and toxic to humans.

THOSE are the glasses that must be on to even begin to see the world for what it really is. I didn’t get mine until 2009

This quest consumed me for two years, and I never did get the answer. I do have a nice collection of useless books though.


While I was compiling mountains of research on an integrated (academic) platform cross-discipline survey of the language of symbol, myth, legend, anthropology, theology, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, philosophy, epistemology, prolegomena, literature, architecture, economics, science, archeology, and (take a breath) and archetypes?

I had a two-year-old with downs syndrome, three teenagers (two of which I home-schooled) and a violent husband. So the question remains

Why would anybody in that situation give a rat’s ass about Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Plato, Aristotle, Barfield, Frye, Kaku, Freud, Blake, Burke, Barth, Campbell, Frazier, or Jung (etc etc etc) while caring for a very sick baby who spent more time in my lap than anywhere else? Why would anybody want to fight PILES of BOOKS, journal articles and papers spread out all over their life while assisting teenagers with Mom’s taxi-cab services to a never-ending list of sports, educational and social activities?

Who reads “Philosophic Foundations of Quantum Mechanics” while spooning rice cereal into a special needs infant in a high chair? Who does that?

I guess I have never met anyone who understood these things about me – not sure I understand it myself.  I dunno – but sure could have used a friend.

Yet?? How in the world could I ever fit in with people who were all about building their castles and bank accounts, going out to dinner, getting their hair /nails done, vacations, tanning beds & shopping? Not that these things are wrong – I’ve worked as a mortgage broker, I like getting my hair done, tanning beds are a quiet place to think, and who doesn’t love a good meal at a quirky restaurant?

I look back now and not sure whether to smile or scream.

What I needed was a Godly academic advisor, but I could not find it where I was attending graduate school. Seriously, what did I expect for $600.00 per credit hour to attend American’s premiere “Christian” Freemason School of Insanity in their pilot MFA program? (Sarcasm intended)

Only the devil could come up with such a scam and pull it off so brilliantly! Posing as a Christian university to destroy the opposition. In my innocence, I PAID top dollar to attend what I thought was a Spirit Filled University. What I got was a SATANIC money pit, staffed by LUCIFERIAN professors, which means that I was (along with several others) marginalized, victimized, traumatized and criticized by liars, thieves & murderers.

What I got for all that time, money and work? Was to helplessly watch as tenured professors pirated my artistic work(s) then found myself subsequently (viciously) blackballed.

However, that’s not the worst of it – what they did, what they really did? Was ruthlessly MURDER my artist. I have never been able to recover from that.

At least not yet.

Need to take a break here – a cup of tea would be nice.

Later – about 1:00pm

I did learn something tho. Best lessons are also the hardest.

I learned that the ahem, “experts,” whose satanically-charged theories, philosophies and criticisms that presently fill university library shelves with self-important blather (aka classical education)? Were, for the most part, arrogant Luciferians (psychopaths) whose whole agenda was to DENY the existence of Jesus Christ. And? This is called scholarship.

In fact, they go out of their way to prove the Almighty God is either dead, evil or useless.

Example: Sigmund Freud – a coke addict whose works are basically the ramblings of a drug addict on a rant! Freud’s writings, outside of the ridiculous perspective on sexuality and behavior?  Freud (Fraud) advocated that cocaine was the answer to all things wrong with humanity!   The writings of this madman are now the basis of training those who interface with the soul and spirit of the very IMAGE of GOD.

Example: Carl Jung, while writing “Answer to Job” by his own admission, said that this work, (where he accused God of being evil because he was unfair to Job) had been dictated to him by a small creature who sat on the headboard of his bed when he was deathly ill. This book is called “Jung’s most profound work” by many – including some church leaders. If while in the academic world, someone like me just happens to notice that this is EVIL (even while at a *Christian* university?) You WILL be silenced. Immediately if not sooner.

Example: Darwin’s evolution – now the basis of biology, which is the basis of medicine. We now trust our bodies, the very TEMPLE of the HOLY SPIRIT to strangers with an overpriced education who believe we are at best, monkeys. Even though there is NO SCIENTIFIC FACT to prove this theory, these robots pump out bills, pills and bad advice at $200.00 an hour. Why are they NOT treating the body with the respect due to the very IMAGE OF THE CREATOR?

And on and on and on . . .


Ecclesiastes 1:17

Then I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom, and also of madness and folly, but I learned that this, too, is a chasing after the wind. 18 For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief.

That explains it, doesn’t it? After all of that education- I was more clueless than ever. Of course – this all leads up to the great crash and burn of 2006 -2009.




What if. . . this internal drive TO KNOW was (among other things) prompting from the Lord? What if it was those on the inside crying out, translated into trips to the library? Perhaps the Lord allowed me to eliminate the half-truths on those shelves, to enable me to give voice to the REAL truth, HIS Truth. The Truth about the DID?

I need to digest this for a minute. Be right back.


Thanks to the (dis)information age – we can now access copious amounts of poisoned knowledge from libraries worldwide – not to mention the tons of voices vying for an audience on YouTube, etc.

Funny thing tho – a brief survey quickly exposes that the NEW lies are STILL the same OLD lies wrapped in a different format.

Ironically, the dis-information age happened concurrently with the truth movement!

NOW that’s funny.



Okay – back.

Heidi . . .do you feel like talking now?

(anxiety just grabbed the back of my throat)

Uh oh . . . . it’s Censor. (Why does the name Censori keep occurring to me?) Are there more than one? I speak out loud but my voice is all wrong.

Censori . . .did you know that everybody has a Censor?

My voice – doesn’t even sound like mine – is it possible to be disassociated from your own voice? So weird but I keep talking anyway.

Being a Censor, is a very important job! Without you, chances are I would be in the “happy-house” with a Thorazine lobotomy, weaving baskets . . .

You have been a very good friend to me, for you have helped me to learn to be wise (at least most of the time) in my speech. Imagine what it would be like if I went running around telling people what I really think about them, lol – or worse yet – about some of what we know, huh? So. . .thank you for this.

Censori, you should know, that unlike other people that have NOT been through what we have been through? YOU have been beefed up – you are censorship on STERIODS because of your programming? I know that this is difficult for you –

(I am overwhelmed with shaking, trembling, emotional tsumani)

Father, in the name of Jesus I am asking you now to help Censor relax – our poor heart is just quaking.

(deep breathing here – trying to get a hold of runaway emotions – breathe in Jesus, breathe out fear) Psalm 27:1 comes to mind.

Censor, even if it’s wrong – they deserve a voice. Can you agree with this? (yes).

Father, I am asking you to override Censor’s program in order for Heidi to speak. Is that okay with you Censor? (yes). (a few more deep breaths).

Okay then – Heidi you’re up.


NOTE: This is what I “saw” when Heidi first came up a few days prior to this writing. These images below are doodles that I did trying to get a handle on what was going on inside. It doesn’t always come in whole pieces – sometimes it is a glimpse here, and a glimpse there. If I TRY to get more – it will fade to black, every time.  If I allow it just to flow – it will come out. Sometimes while doing something totally unrelated – boom.  I have learned to be patient. IF I have asked the Lord for help? Then faith says it will happen, but in HIS time, not mine.

I added a few labels – not trying to be an artist here, just trying to get it out of my head and on the page. I called this ahem, masterpiece, “Heidi’s” chair because this is her perception of it.  Heidi has also seen UNDER the chair.

heidis chair

underneath chair

BTW – they don’t need all this now, they can send anybody with a small handheld device that resembles a palm pilot.

As the memories of the chair came up? They were in photographic detail.

The chair (obviously) uses electromagnetism, harmonics and light frequencies. They administered drugs before they put her in the chair – I saw vials of amphetamines, Dramamine and what was possibly low dose radiation. Pretty sure that some of what I was feeling today WAS body memory from the drugs.

There were other drugs as well – but not sure what I was looking at.

They will not let the children eat, because they don’t want them to throw up. ( I mean, don’t want to risk getting vomit on all that expensive technology).  In addition, Heidi’s memories include overhearing a discussion about a “successful run” which I took it to mean the information/data that the children bring back – the children get a lot of praise for “successful runs.”

Her head, arms & legs are strapped down while electrodes are fastened to her ankles, arms, head, knee joints, back of the neck, the base of the spine – I will spare you the gruesome details. I can’t believe they would do this to a CHILD.

The lights flash in sequences – patterns – lights are different colors – but very very intense in fact, painfully so.

(NOTE: Murphy: The light patterns are to create a fractal key to match/hack /unlock a timecode to a 4th-dimensional door)

Low and high tones blast out of powerful speakers on both sides of her head – while the chair begins to hum, vibrate as they administer low volts of current through the electrodes. Lights are racing around the body, up the spine & around the head while other equipment is moving around the chair as well – wonder if these are fans because it gets very very hot.


I have to BREATHE. I take several deep breaths, doesn’t work. Going to lay down for a few.


Although I am still trembling, something just shifted inside – a strong image of a little girl flashes across my mind – she has long red-gold hair pulled off her face in a ponytail – little wisps of hair frame a small face with big blue eyes, golden skin and a dusting of freckles across her nose.

(What is happening here is like an “interface” of sorts – it is like walking on a foot-bridge sometimes you are one side, other times you are on the other, and sometimes you can see both sides at once)

While the image of the child is gone – I think I may be seeing through her eyes. This time, it’s very strange because this kind of “seeing” is NOT through the eyes, nor is it in the “mind’s eye’ but much deeper – perhaps remembering with the heart?

What “we” see defies description. Clearly, we are in another dimension. There a curtain with numbers that are running up and down it. (think Matrix Rain)

The curtain opens, we go through it.

We are looking down at what appears to be a flat map of the world – we can also see several square digital clocks (military time?) – but some of the numbers are weird. (They don’t look like numbers that I recognize).

(NOTE: Murphy says we are seeing “Time Code” and they can (and do) hack it)

Suddenly I KNOW that we are standing just outside of the dimension of time – look down, see a HUGE wheel – slowly turning clockwise, sporadically sputters then jumps – spins a little faster, then slows back down.

It’s like something isn’t working right – like a car that backfires.

We enter – once inside, there are sheets of what look like honeycombs everywhere – at once I understand that these are dimensions within dimensions – and there are trillions of them. It’s overwhelming – (no words to describe) As I try to make sense out of it – I understand down deep within me, that every person ever born has a dimension (address?) within this dimension.

Besides the honeycombs – there is something that looks like three cogs within the wheel. The past (cog) is a dimension, the future (cog) is a dimension and the present (cog) is a dimension – these cogs are also turning each in their own path. Altogether, it’s like a big machine or even the insides of a clock.

(This image defies understanding – the best I can do is describe it. Heidi impresses upon me that this is why they sent children – because when they sent adults, they went crazy)

Space does not work the same here – you cannot “walk” from one place to another. Just the same, there is movement – a lot of movement! Everything seems to be moving in one way or another! It is connected/created by the currents, which are like waves, and there are many of them.

These waves (currents) wrap themselves – around and through the “cogs,” like belts in a car engine. The currents are always moving . . . and are somewhat transparent, although they can be quite visible at times. Although they connect everything – and all of them flow in the same direction – to what Heidi calls .”the ocean.”

(my head is really beginning to throb – getting very dizzy again.)

Thought also creates movement here – (for instance, when people remember the past? They are in fact, interfacing with this dimension.) You can actually see this – when people are thinking about the past – these thoughts kind of look like ropes looping down from the sky.

Because Heidi has been SENT into this dimension – she had to learn how to use (control) thoughts, which get her from place to place – thoughts also manifest in this dimension as forms- some look very real, some look like shadows, some look like (transparent to opaque) holograms.

In this dimension, your own thoughts can kill you.

Heidi is only too aware of the danger – not only must she control her own thoughts – she must stay away from the forms – she also knows to NEVER EVER get too close to the honeycombs. She says they are sticky, you will get stuck and can’t get out.

(This makes sense to me – i.e getting “stuck” in the past).

Sometimes it is “the others” that pull you around.

Who are the others?

*shrugs* I dunno. The others.

I get the impression that “the others” are many things, some of it not so good.

Oh wow! I’m seeing that some in this dimension are HOLY angels. They protect, block, deny access – and have helped Heidi. They have taught her a lot, they also have fought for her on more than one occasion.

Heidi says that time is a dimension that exists outside of eternity. It is NOT a nice place – in fact, is rather cold, ugly and dirty. Heidi was told that this place was brought forth in the dark waters . . .

( I am sooo tired. Feel really weird. I want to take a break – but strangely COMPELLED to keep going).


Looks like a corridor/tube that spirals downhill. The “corridors” are interconnected, and there are untold numbers of them.

(NOTE: Murphy says that these are “cycles,” and as each cycle repeats? it carries a more powerful, amplified version of itself)

NOTE Here is a 30-second sketch to try to describe it. I did have a more detailed sketch at the time of this writing – the sketches seemed to of disappeared. Go figure – anyway – again, this is not about accuracy or artistic merit – just trying to give you a glimpse.

Everything in the corridors seems to be made of rock, brass & iron. There is light at the beginning of the corridor – but as you go down, the darkness seems to take on form – like a substance. It is an oppressive, humid, moldy darkness that wrestles against the light.

Again, very difficult to describe

There are doors! So many doors. All different sizes. Some are normal, some are like garage doors. Some are giant doors – huge. Some are really tiny. Different colors. Some are rusty, some have cobwebs hanging from them. Some are suspended in the sky. Some are in the concrete. Some are covered with gold.

CLEARLY, she has been sent into some of these rooms – I can feel her anxiety.

(The idea of going into the rooms causes my teeth to chatter)

Something that looks like 1/2″ PVC pipes line the walls of the corridor – as you walk down the corridor – you notice the pipes are frozen – icy if you touch them. As you go down, the walls begin to change, begins to look more like a cave, walls are cut out of rock – but the pipes are still there.

Windows shaped like honeycombs – octagons with thick glass is set into the rocks – kind of like a museum. When you look in, you can see people, doing all manner of things, from all times – you can tell by the way they are dressed.

As she descends, the size of the loops in the spiral corridor keep getting smaller – until you get to the bottom.

Heidi – why did they send you into this place?

They want you to get stuff for them. They sent us to get stuff from the bottom rooms. It is dark and scary there – icky things there. Some of the stuff was with the bad ones.

Who are the “bad ones?”

(At this point, my body starts shaking, my stomach clenches)

Heidi: They have lots of names. Jesus says that they are the fallen ones, and they hurt people. They STEAL everything, even babies. They keep the stolen stuff down here, with them.

All of a sudden we are now at the very bottom of the corridor, it opens up into a countryside like setting. It’s very beautiful and a welcome change from the dark, musty corridors.

(my stomach stops jumping – but still kind of shaky, queasy)

Heidi tells me that she loves this place. If she has to be here, this is the safest.

All of a sudden we are standing in front of another cog


In this cog, we are standing on a beach, looking out over an ocean, there is a STORM raging. Rivers (currents) feed into it from every direction – which creates HUGE waves that are constantly moving, changing – there is something like (geometric?) shapes bobbing around in the waves, hard to make out.

NOTE: These are future timelines – probabilities. In spite of what the neo-pagan existentialists want to preach. it is the future dictates the past. It’s all in the same container and it all happens at the same time! An example of this – The Lamb of God slain from the creation of the World. Revelation 13:8

Example #2: All of creation is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed – this is why so many of us have been attacked and targeted since birth. Clearly, He knows the plans He has for you – and the devil can see Jesus on you, and has done everything to hack you, steal from you and destroy you since the day you were born. Reminder – YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR IN CHRIST JESUS

Anyway . . .

In the distance, on the other side – there is something like a sandy beach – the feeling is like when a drowning man spots land – the relief is tangible. This is the final destination.

NOTE: Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears


Is like an intersection – (four-way stop with eight roads) that meet in a circular area. There are doors in this dimension too. These doors are open – for the most part. There are shadows and holograms everywhere. Some are very scary to her.

NOTE: Just this year, I have on several occasions had dreams where this place got very busy, people intersecting with time and each other. Very interesting.



I just finished the dishes after dinner – and here it comes, random hot tears up the back of my throat. I walk out of the kitchen, heading for a quiet place to figure out what is happening.

The weeping continues for a while – it’s Heidi, she is sobbing.

I ask what’s wrong. I keep hearing this –

“Something went wrong”

I don’t think this is coming from Heidi, but rather people in the room with her. I see chaos – people running all over the place – they are scurrying like rats.

“something’s wrong!”

Heidi is now no longer in the room, but rather what looks like biblical Israel. She seems to have ended up in the time when Jesus walked the earth.

She smiles as she tells me that this time is blocked off from “them,” but somehow, she got through.

I watch her as she runs towards a man who is a very strong, extremely muscular man. He has brown curly hair and blue eyes. He has a warm smile, strong white teeth and tanned skin.

(Tears are flowing freely now)

She knows Him, calls Him Rabbi. He opens his arms to her, she runs into them. He laughs and hugs her – I watch as He holds out his hand, and she examines His hands carefully. Not the scars so much, but something else. She is looking for something. He is patient until she finds it tucked in his hands then such joy overtakes them both. I thought it was a treat, but instead, it is her name!

He then takes her little face in both hands, then blows on her hair. She giggles, then whispers something in his ear. He throws His head back, his laughter is everything anybody could ever want.

This is Heidi’s Abba. He looks up, turns His gaze to me – forever. He is my Abba too.

I am still weeping, but this time, it is tears of joy. Dear Lord, help me to remember this moment always and forever.


I can’t be sure, what happened here. Either Heidi died and was revived, which happens ALL the time or she was accidentally sent to the wrong time.

When she came back, they wanted to exploit this – tried to send her back. They wanted her to do something, and she didn’t do it. She WOULD NOT do it. I can’t see what “it” was – it’s blocked. They tortured her for this – terrible things.

I am glad we can’t see it, I don’t have too, I just know. I can feel it to this day.

Heidi wants me to know that one of their major goals of time travel?


The children – are the only ones who can get through (past the angelic guard)? I am laughing with delight! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? (But wait – this is why they use them? WOW) How stupid – did they really think that the children could get past the Love of Jesus Christ? The children BELONG to Him.


(My body hurts. Aching. Cold. More welts on my arms, head)

They MADE her go to the crucifixion over and over and over, they mocked her when she cried – told her that Jesus was dead, and she needed to accept it and do as she is told. Except . . . Heidi knows that Jesus is ALIVE.

She will NEVER give over to them. EVER.

There is more to this, but I have to stop now – my heart is pounding, I feel like I am going to be sick.



(Can’t sleep. Photographic images are jumping through my mind. I saw the crucifixion through Heidi’s eyes, the WHOLE thing – don’t know how – but she was there – she saw the weather, the people, the SMELL – she saw the soldiers, the blood, the puke, the screams, the weeping – everything )

For Heidi, who has been tortured over and over again, this was more trauma, but their tactics worked the opposite of what they wanted.

It didn’t break her, it strengthened her.

Heidi KNOWS that Jesus understands torture, he cab understand her like nobody else. SHE KNEW that when they hurt her?  He is right there with her ALWAYS.

They CANNOT TAKE THIS AWAY from her. Not now, Not then NOT EVER.

Jesus is Heidi’s hero. They cannot program that out of her. They can’t change it. They’ve tried and they’ve failed.

Our names are written on the palms of His hands.

He has made her a promise – that He HIMSELF will come for her. She waits for Him, and there is NOTHING they could do to her to change that.

I am waiting too.

Now we wait together.

MONDAY June 15, 2015 5pm

Peace returns and Mulberry jammin happens.



For sticking with me through the last two posts.  I appreciate your time and your patience.

It seemed important that for you to start with me at the beginning.

Those last two posts were long, and A LOT and nobody really likes history, lol – but I wanted you to get to know me.  I also wanted to establish a baseline.  To give a background for you to connect the “rest of the story,”  and understand where I am coming from. So that you know that I am telling you the truth, and not just contriving wild accusations.

The hard data clearly establishes that my father is hidden bloodline occult.  That he was burned in the womb with Epson salts under the wannabe medical asshat Margaret Sanger. That this family was a key player in the establishment of America.  That this family has genetic links to Amstel Rothschild, the Windsors. and the Nazis. That this man is the epitome of the military-industrial complex, sold off his family to build his career and to build his financial empire.

This is not unusual, but it is a terrible thing to climb the corporate ladder, not by talent, not by hard work – rather by selling out.  How terrible to have to live with that knowledge!  Instead of his wealth giving satisfaction/happiness he so desperately craved?   It did just the opposite.  The man I remember was a nasty, bitter sociopath, whose eternity is in the lake of fire.

I don’t know if he is alive or dead at this point, we have no contact.  Because he sold me, I no longer exist to him.   Yes, he did tell me that.

I still pray for Him – because of the Jesus in me.

Existentialism – or the belief that it is our choices that make or break us, has some truth in it, but just not for all of us.   What if you have been sold into slavery?  Just WHO is it making those choices?  I would make a case that if your mind is being controlled, so are your choices.  Slavery takes many forms btw – but I am talking here about the brain-hack agenda – particularly those that have been victimized by SRA and military mind control experiments.

Jesus Christ wants you to know – that is NOT your fault.  To NOT lose hope – HE came to set you free, and He that the Son sets free – is free indeed.  (Luke 4:18) (Is 61)

Isaiah 61:1  “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound;

Luke: 4:18 – “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free

John 8:36  Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

I write in order to proclaim the only true freedom of Jesus Christ to proclaim there is liberty for the captives!

I have prepared for you a series of blogs.  I don’t want to overwhelm (any more than I already have, lol) so, will be posting them regularly over the next months to come.  The topics I will cover are Time Travel  (from Montauk to AI) Mind Control (from Montauk to AI)  and Secret Space Program (From Montauk to AI)

Although these things are important, they are not the most important.

Montauk is an important player for present-day mind control agendas – but trauma-based mind control has been around a LONG TIME.  Demonic brain hacking has been around since the beginning.

The MOST important post is about the mark of the beast.   It is not what you think, or what people have thought it will be – but it is so clever, looks SO MUCH like Jesus,  it is stomach churning.

It really is the great delusion -the great but TRAGIC delusion.

I feel a sense of urgency to get this into your hands.  Time is running out.  Maybe I should start with that – and go back from there.  Yes, that makes sense.

As a time traveler – would you believe me if I told you, it is the future that predicts the past?  You wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true. 

May the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ, overtake you today and always.

You are very dear to me.

Once Upon an Agenda – Part II

There was a beautiful Girl and some seriously pesky dragons. 😀

This is the second half of the last post – I broke it up a bit.

This timeline – it’s long, but the beginning of the journey to wholeness.  As I go back and read, I can SEE the mind control, the denial, the obvious.

Such is mind control.  Even when losing stuff out of your body that has NO OTHER explanation?  We still can’t accept it.

When I was going through this AGONY of the memories actually surfacing, I wanted to die.  It hurt so bad, I broke out in lumps all over my head, migraines so bad that I couldn’t move.  These are called “body memory” because your body cells are recording it all.

Then there are the implants  – how do I begin to describe the pain of these emerging from the skin, the scalp, the entanglement with the nerve fibers. Yet – these fly in the face of the wannabe handlers, whose own denial alters want to call me crazy!  For those of you that want to try that?  Do yourself a favor, and refer to the images below – then ask the Lord to help you lose the mind virus that is controlling you,  Email me, and I will stand with you.


Picking up where I left off . . . .

While in Laurel (1972-1973) – where I earned the name “Darpa brat.”

It was during this time my father took a position with ITT, Nutley NJ, as Vice President of Aviation, where he stayed until he retired in 1988.   ITT is a Nazi company, heavily involved in the occult, military black-ops &  MONTAUK.

(Simultaneously, he was offered a position at a defense contractor in Australia, which he turned down for the ITT position.  Although this seems to be a minor detail, it will be important in upcoming posts – Montauk IS absolutely connected to Australia.  Furthermore, I have alters that have lived down under.  For some reason, I have always felt connected to Austraila and never had any idea why.  Had dreams of being married with children, and having birthday parties.  I have had recurring dreams of Pine Gap but didn’t know it was Pine Gap until years later.   

Whoever this is, I know they worked for the defense industry –  I have received official emails from Australian Securities and Investment Commissions ( Primus and tax statements for Defence Health, Ltd.  I have tried to notify them that I was getting personal information (I deleted it) from the Dept of Defense.  Finally, out of desperation, I looked up the address on the forms on Google Earth.  I FREAKED out!   I have had MANY dreams about that residence.   I know what the inside of that house looks like and know more than I care to know about who lives there. 

I know, weird, right?  Welcome to my world)

Anyway, back to ITT.   This is where the dots really began to connect.  I read this now, my hair is standing up on the back of my neck – so much of this came out in the sessions, and as I write this – even MORE is aligning itself with the little bit I have been able to recover.

As we continue in the weeks and months to come – I know this will all come together, for all of us.  Blessings! 


About ITT

Val Valerian  was an air force enlisted man stationed at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, whose (alleged) real name is John Grace.

(NELLIS again!!)

He has written and published copious volumes,  (claims to have issued tens of thousands of pages).   Valerian’s writings are fascinating, and now, three years and many memories later?  Confirm a good deal of what I have recovered.

Massive German [Thule Society] infiltration of the American military-industrial complex following WWII, via the NSA, I.T.T., ARCO, EXXON, etc., led to the construction of massive joint alien-fascist underground complexes [stemming from the Nazi alliance with an alien collaboration, based under the Gizeh plateau of Egypt – via the Grant Orient Lodge of Egyptian Freemasonry and the various gnostic Bavarian cults that were brought back from Egypt during the Egyptian occupation of the armies of the so-called “Holy Roman Empire” Italy-Austria-Germany]. Tunnel systems run from the I.T.T. Corporation building in Newark to the I.T.T. facility at Nutley, to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio [mag-lev tubes], to A.I.L., to Long Island [Montauk Point]. source: ORION BASED TECHNOLOGY, MIND CONTROL AND OTHER SECRET PROJECTS, by Val Valerian

Now – follow the money –   I.T.T. Nutley NJ is the mega-corporation that financed ongoing Nazi Technology and human experimentation at Montauk.   According to Al Bielek of the (documented) Philadelphia experiment;

1944 there was an American troop train that went through a French railroad tunnel carrying $10 billion in Nazi gold which they had found. it was $10 billion at the 1944 price of $20 per ounce. The train was blown up in the tunnel. It killed 51 American soldiers. The gold turned up ten years later at Montauk. This has been verified. That money was used to finance the project for many years as the value of gold went up. They spent all of it and ran out of money. That’s when they tapped on ITT, who funded it.  ITT was owned by Krupp in Germany. In terms of personnel, many of the civilians and scientists there were all ex-Nazi’s who came from Germany both before and after the war ended.

According to Anthony Sampson’s book “The Sovereign State of ITT,” one of the first American businessmen Hitler received after taking power in 1933 was Sosthenes Behn, then the CEO of ITT, and his German representative, Henry Mann.  Antony C. Sutton, in his book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, makes the claim that ITT subsidiaries made cash payments to SS leader Heinrich Himmler.

There is no record that I.T.T. made direct payments to Hitler before the Nazi grab for power in 1933. On the other hand, numerous payments were made to Heinrich Himmler in the late 1930s and in World War II itself through I.T.T. German subsidiaries. The first meeting between Hitler and I.T.T. officials — so far as we know — was reported in August 1933,  when Sosthenes Behn and I.T.T. German representative Henry Mann met with Hitler in Berchesgaden . . .Nazi Baron Kurt von Schröder became the guardian of I.T.T. interests in Germany. Schröder acted as the conduit for I.T.T. money funneled to Heinrich Himmler’s S.S. organization in 1944, while World War II was in progress, and the United States was at war with Germany

“If the Nazis had won, I.T.T in Germany would of appeared impeccably Nazi; as they lost, it re-emerged American . . .” Sampson, Anthony, The Geneen Machine, New York Magazine Apr 23, 1973


The above image is a 325-foot “research” tower located in the main part of the ITT campus and was surrounded by the ITT golf course. The tower was torn down in 1996.

This is the same golf course that my father brought me too when I was 15.  He left me on a bench while he played 18 holes, I fell asleep.  Gotta wonder whateer is in that tower might have something to do with it?

According to the Microwaves Encyclopedia, the ITT tower was nicknamed “Sosthenes Behn’s last erection” by ITT employees that worked on the Nutley plant site.

Clearly, I.T.T. is corrupt and deeply involved in ongoing Nazi black budget projects, particularly in the area of electronic mind control.  What makes it personal is the I.T.T. connection to Himmler.

Himmler has definitely crossed my path.   I will get to that later on.


This brings this discussion to Project Pegasus.  Andrew Basiago, is a lawyer who claims to have been used as a child in these projects says that the US government’s “quantum access” capability was advanced 40 years ago.  Basiago explains the connections between his childhood involvement in Project Pegasus;

Project Pegasus was a classified, defense-related research and development program launched by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the late 1960’s. DARPA had, he explains, five reasons for involving American school children in such new, dangerous, and experimental activities.

  1. The Department of Defense wanted to test the mental and physical effects of teleportation on children.
  2. Project Pegasus needed to use children because the holograms created by the chronovisors would collapse when adults stood within them.
  3. The children were tabula rasa and would tend to see things during the time probes that adults would tend to miss.
  4. The children were trainees who upon growing up would serve in a covert time-space program under DARPA that would operate in tandem with the overt space program under NASA.
  5. The program sponsors found that after moving between time lines, adult time travelers were often becoming insane, and it was hoped that by working with gifted and talented children from childhood, the US government might create an adult cadre of “chrononauts” capable of dealing with the psychological effects of time travel.—andrew-d.-basiago—the-discovery-of-life-on-mars—12-12-08.pdf


My youngest brother, Thomas has been diagnosed schizophrenic.  The problem is that the doc’s told us that he did NOT have all the classic symptoms – but his hallucinations about aliens and time travel made him “paranoid delusional”.  Tom was put on haldol at 20 – and had been on it ever since.  Haldol is a lobotomy in a pill.   His entire life has been destroyed.   Thomas is the same age as Basiago.

MANY MANY children were used in these projects –

We estimate they took 10,000 American children off the street and brought them to Montauk.  The total number of people that they pulled off the streets for the 25 stations was about 250,000. What the actual thrust of the program was in terms of all these kids is still a mystery. We still don’t know the answers. We know they were fully programmed for something. They were subjected to programming which eventually became more “humane” using advanced electronic techniques. The original programming was Reichian in nature and was more physical. Later they worked out techniques that used computers and electronic programming with the Reichian techniques that took very fast and had little side effects.

On the subject of time – over most of my life – I have struggled with missing time – never able to calculate how long it took accomplish tasks.  This has made planning anything very difficult.  Punctuality has been a lifelong struggle.  I have come to believe this is because “missing time”  has been my constant companion for decades.

These days, I am OCD about being on time – I get frantic if I am late for anything.

As a teenager, things like braces, drivers licenses or college did not happen unless I took care of these things on my own – which I did when I could afford it.  I struggled through my young adult life – I moved all over the country, worked all kinds of jobs, got my heart broken time and time again.   I have come to learn that those men who broke my heart, were in fact, wanna-be-handlers-government moles.

This went on until the Lord got a hold of me in 1985.  He washed over me with His love, grace &  forgiveness – I have not been the same since.  I married in (1985) to a childhood friend, gave birth to twins in 1986, and started a business in 1987.   For the first time in my life – I was truly happy.

Unfortunately, this lasted only about two years.

1987 – my husband started complaining of severe anxiety attacks and subsequently stopped working shortly after the twins were born, started abusing drugs and drinking.  We took him from doctor to doctor, church to church, chiropractor, naturopath, etc – nothing helped.

Besides watching my beloved husband deal with constant torment, there were other things that went on during this time – such as missing time, a missing pregnancy, missing medical records, missing money, strange phone calls, etc.   I ran a business to keep the bills paid, food on the table, the lawn cut, the house clean, made sure the children got to their functions, organized and implemented family trips.  I was alone with all of this – my husband did nothing to alleviate any of the burdens – in fact made it worse as much of the time he was either drunk or in and out of psych wards and alcohol treatment centers.  I could not leave the children with him.  His psych drugs cost a fortune.

Stuff like that.

Nonetheless, I went back to school, and finished my AA, BS and MFA – and now am a dissertation short of a PHD – summa cum laude (4.0) and interestingly enough, presently can’t get a job scrubbing toilets.   (I am overqualified – I guess I have been scrubbing them for too many years)

I was also in ministry – heading up ministries for megachurches in the SW suburbs of Chicago.  Speaking of which,  I have been spiritually & emotionally abused by every church I ever attended – this also includes the two so-called “Christian” universities that I attended.  Those two universities are a discussion for another time – anything BUT Christian, but rather centers for the occult.  (And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.  2 Cor 11:14)

One Sunday (c. 1997) I could not stop weeping at the altar of my church – (not unusual, I did this a lot.  I was begging God for answers –  I loved my husband, but after twelve years of living with the insanity of his substance abuse, I felt like the only choice I had was to divorce him – I’m still not sure that this was the right decision)

This day, a prayer counselor with prophetic anointing prayed with me – she looked at me straight in the eye and asked me “Who are you?”  My ten-year-old son was with me.  She looked at him too – and said it again to him.  I had NO CLUE what she meant – I just cried harder.   It took almost twelve years and many horrific events before her question came back to my mind.   Who am I, really?

My son was targeted as well – at 15yrs he developed Tourettes, we could NOT get help for him – he got in trouble with the law over and over again.  Over the last 13yrs, I have had to watch him morph from a handsome, intelligent and gentle young man – to somebody I don’t even know.

(today – I have no clue where that beautiful little boy is!  A few months back, he was switched so bad, he threatened to have me killed.   Clearly, he is a heavily programmed super-soldier under massive electronic mind control.  He has dropped out of site, don’t even know if he is still alive.   

Funny thing – when he was a little boy, his grandfather mocked him – told him that he would never amount to anything, and then set him up to fail, then blamed me.  

David – if by some slim -to-nothing chance you might be reading this, just know, I understand.  I didn’t know any of this when you were little,  They hit you SO hard with the electronics that it gave you tourettes!  Sometimes I don’t understand but know that God has a plan in all this, and HE is faithful.

The years following my divorce were sheer living hell.  Once again, I found myself targeted by the occult.  I was now a single mother to preteen twins, working as a Loan Officer for Wells Fargo and attending grad school.

I STUPIDLY started dating a man who called himself “Bruce Castle,”  who was an officer in the Navy.  What I thought was an officer and a gentleman – broke my heart, burned my house down, killed my pets and was never prosecuted for it.   I was bit by a tick, got the bioweapon aka Lyme’s disease and subsequently, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,.

Years later, I saw a picture of Henrich Himmler.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was “Bruce Castle!” 

Himmler’s clone used mind control on me – I look back now, and there is no way I found him attractive, desirable or even anything in common.

Oddly enough, I took this man to meet my father in 1999 – there were several times during that visit that I got a distinct impression that they knew each other.  At the time,  this was “just” a strange thought so I dismissed it.   Years later, I had a dream that this man was everywhere I went – I could not get away from him.   I had another dream where I saw a dozen of him.

These days, I know this is a clone, connected to the Draco programmer, Dick Cheney.  This NASTY Nephilim needs a JESUS CHRIST takedown.  What this SOB has done to me and so many others is beyond SICK.  I can’t wait for the day when this bastard finds himself in the hands of an ANGRY GOD.  Amen!

In 2000 – sick as a dog, I looked like a walking skeleton with lymph nodes the size of grapefruits.  For this?  The docs put me on antidepressants that did nothing but make it worse.

I remarried – to my shock? Got pregnant.  The baby had Down’s Syndrome.

My second husband was a set up from the very get-go.  Even meeting him was a set-up.

He is a handler and extremely abusive – beat me on several occasions.  Even with the now teenage twins, and a baby with a profound disability, I HAD to bring money in, he gave me nothing.  So – I returned to grad school, taking out school loans, and stipends for teaching.  I found myself surrounded by witches and Satanists whose elevated status and connectivity with an alleged Christian university is beyond explanation.   I was a  4.0 student and gave them three different projects of the highest caliber.  In return?  They blackballed me.  I have in my possession letters from people who witnessed the brutal treatment I received at the hands of these universities.

2006 – my husband beat me so hard that my hamstring came off my pelvic bone.  I left and returned to Chicago, but could not find a job, get help with my daughter, or even scrape together enough money to rent a home.

2007 – I had something in my foot for many years, but it was getting quite painful, so I had it removed.  I had no clue it was an implant – it was metallic, shaped like a tuning fork and magnetized.  The morning I was to go in for the foot surgery?   I woke up in a total fog – worse than anything I had felt in my life.  I felt drugged.   On my stomach was a patch of thin green-silver-purplish iridescent mylar skin about the size of a credit card, and something that looked like blue ink all over my foot that would not come off.

Two weeks later, I found glitter all over the house on several different occasions, unexplainable fiber-gelatinous-creatures that resembled insects, but were clearly not anything I have EVER seen before.  Both my daughter and I broke out in sores all over our body.  I was frightened, some of the sores were around her eyes.  I rushed her to the hospital?  Things got WORSE,

Leave it to the human hack jobs and their medical reptiles to make things get even more creepy.  That is a post for another day.

(MIND CONTROL MOMENT:  In spite of all the unexplainable events?  I still did not believe in “aliens”  or “abductions!”  I have since recovered memories that this was from ANOTHER “alien” abduction!  I have now by the grace of God, recovered enough of my memories, to realize that I have been abducted literally thousands of times, both alien and military. I don’t like the word “alien” but will use it here as opposed to Military or Milab – if you know you have been abducted by one, you have also been abducted by the other as well) 

In the place of the fork in my foot?  I have since recovered something that looks like a grain of rice – and the implant below. In spite of the fact that I have since lost THREE implants out of that same location?  It still feels like something is in there – and it hurts like the dickens sometimes – not all the time tho.  Again – does not make sense.



2009 – I was homeless – my little daughter and I were living in an “extended stay.” .

At this point, I began to experience the paranormal on a level that is beyond the movies – grey aliens in my room.  Bugs that came through the window.  Apparitions in photographs. Sores all over my body.  My bed would vibrate.  Missing time.  A LOT of time.   Basically –  at this point?   Put a fork in it, I was done.   I begged the Lord to end my life.

He did not.  He intervened, gently removing those first tough layers of mind control.

For many years,  I did not remember my dreams – but starting in 2010, I began to remember them!  Some of them were so strange that I had no point of reference for them.  Some were just weird – while others were frightening.   I know now that these were alters trying to come up and talk to me!  This is one of those dreams –

Feb 5, 2012

I was in a car – the road stopped at the entrance to a tunnel.  I got out of the car, and went into the tunnel.  Through the middle of the tunnel were cobblestone steps that had clear water flowing down – on the other side of the tunnel was a paradise, and where I needed to go – but the road was gone.   I was a bit put off by this, but, the tunnel was interesting –  I wanted to look around a bit.

 I sat down to wait, trying to figure out what to do, when I saw the children – They came from one side of the tunnel.  There were four- five of them, I have never seen them before. One was a boy – the rest were girls.  The oldest was about 12 – the youngest was a baby. They seemed to know me, but were somewhat shy.  I thought I should look out for them because they didn’t seem to have anybody to take care of them.

 They sat down with me and were waiting with me.  They put their feet in the water, and sat close to me.  One put her head on my shoulder.  So, we sat with our feet in the water, we took a drink of the water as well.  It was so clean, pure, ice cold and so refreshing.

 We were giggling and splashing in the water when a few other travelers stopped, put their head in the tunnel and asked for directions because the road was gone.  I said I wasn’t too sure, but were waiting to find out – and it would seem that the steps went to the other side, but you cannot bring your car.   They were, as I was, rather confused by the fact that the road seemed to have disappeared.

In 2010 a friend sent me the book, “Transformation of America.”  As I read it, I got extremely dizzy.   Very curious, for sure.   From that point on, I began to encounter the stories of DIDs – sometimes in the strangest way – so strange that I can only attribute to something nudging me.   The parallels between their lives and my own were too startling to ignore.


In 2011, I started experiencing flashbacks.  While the narrative ran across my mind’s eye, it was like a movie but I was IN the movie and there was no way of shutting it off.  As I watched, my body and soul experienced a pain so deep that there are no words.

To this day, when I speak of it – I still fight the tears.

This memory is very involved – but basically, it was two men taking my brother and myself to a facility where we were strapped to a table.  They were doing something to my arm that hurt really bad.   I remember a ceiling fan going round and round and round  – I focused on that so it didn’t hurt.  The emotional pain of this flashback was so intense that I could barely get out of the tub and into the bedroom where I curled up in a fetal position and cried for hours.

Exhausted, I fell asleep – when I woke up?  I had a small scar on my arm that had not been there earlier that day!   I was exhausted for days afterward.

The dreams started again.  I had a dream with the huge man who looked like a Pharaoh dressed in a $2000 Armani suit.   I have since come to believe that this was no ordinary dream but rather something far more sinister.

Many times, I would awake with unexplained bruises – one of them was so big that it ran the entire length of my right thigh!  Surely I would know how that happened!  Other times, scars would just suddenly appear on my body.  One morning about a year ago,  I woke up with blood all over my feet – I had a wound in the back of my leg with NO explanation.

I entered a period of numbness shortly afterward, and as life goes on – I let it go.

At the time I was living alone in the foothills of the (Arkansas) Ozarks with my daughter.  For the next several years,  I was heavily targeted by the occult – including voodoo, black magic, death spells, targeted tornados (seriously!), nonstop helicopters over the house, being followed when I went out, small aircraft circling over my house, microwaves burning my skin, VLF-ELF, satanists walking past my house, throwing stuff in my yard, pointing magic wands and cursing my home, black eyed kids (my neighbor saw these) people running through my yard on cell phones, my pets being abducted, killed, mutilated (both in and outside of my home), spells in my yard – bones, charms, powders, severed animal heads, subjected to astral attacks, remote viewers, supernatural insects, hybrid insects, snakes, drones, incubus, poltergeist, etc – including two attempts to abduct my daughter! (She was supernaturally returned to me by an angel)

This went on for almost four years.


No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.  Isaiah 54:17

The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.  Deut 28:7

I began to experience”flashbacks” where I am actually IN my childhood home in New Jersey, looking around at the house, rooms, furniture – with a clarity that can only be classified as photographic recall.   At this point – I am not seeing much but an empty house.  It is odd that when this happens, it is typically accompanied by physical sensations, and intense emotional pain.  Sometimes,  I will get dizzy.  Sometimes I shake and my teeth chatter like I am freezing – but am in a warm house. More often, the flashbacks are accompanied by weeping so intense that I throw up.

I started experiencing severe ringing in my ears in 2010 – sometimes the ringing is so bad that I can’t hear – particularly in my left ear.  At times, the pressure in my head is unbelievable.  Every joint hurts, and I have been told by two different chiropractors that my neck is backward – in fact, they thought that I had been badly injured.  (I have no memory of this)  What this means is that I live in pain 24/7 – and am very tired a good deal of the time.  I don’t take pills, nor do I see doctors. ( I find them to be arrogant bullies whose commitment is to their bank account rather than healing).

This brings us up to April of 2015.


This writing is not intended to be a journal, or a research paper, although it sure seemed to be a little bit of both of those things.  Instead, it was a timeline – or a scrapbook, a place to put the random pieces – it was a place to begin.    As I wrote, it just flowed – memories surfaced.  I began to see the connections as never before.

If you are reading this – and you find yourself connecting to some of this – I really want to encourage you to start writing a timeline.  It was without a doubt, the key that began to unlock me.

Blessings!  See you in a few days.

Once Upon an Agenda . . .

There was a beautiful girl, held captive by an ugly DRAGON.

I could not think of a title – this seemed as good of a title as any. 🙂

Three years ago (to the date) I filled out a form for counseling at Bride Ministries. They asked this question . . .

Please briefly describe the journey that has taken you to the point that you are applying for this opportunity. Be sure to address why you believe you have dissociative identity disorder.

I think they were only asking for a paragraph or so. However, after 57 years of lockdown? There is no way the word “briefly” applied to me.

So – I sent in 17 pages 😀

This was an amazing exercise. Writing this out was a powerful key to the unlocking of memories. It was a difficult but fruitful journey into a lifetime of unanswered questions.

I encourage anybody who suspects this sort of thing has happened to them? To prayerfully begin writing out WHAT you know, and go from there. Start at the beginning go down the timeline of what you DO remember. The truth, as stubborn as it can be, WILL emerge. It’s slow – but it needs to be.

I am putting these pages on my blog for several reasons:

The first and most important reason is, that if you are struggling with a pesky past that you cannot remember – and you are trying to reconnect with what has been stolen from you?

I hope that you will find something in this post to assist you in making those ever so elusive connections.

Just a heads up – if you feel a trigger coming on, please stop and ask the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) to help calm the storm and for protection.

Our Lord Jesus is bigger than triggers!

The second reason I am posting this is to give a shout out to Daniel Duval of Bride Ministries. He is the one that the Lord chose to unlock me – a messy job to be sure, but he was willing to do it. So, on this anniversary – Thank you, Daniel!

Finally – I have come SO FAR since I wrote this! I update in a few places – but want to keep it as close to the original document as possible.

(I will signify where I have updated with parentheses and italics)

This is a collection of what I had when I first started at Bride. It is too long for one blog post – so I will break it up into two or more pieces. This is both a personal and a research journal – but makes for a well-supported argument that the mind-control agenda is real and has been methodically rolled out for decades.

Please keep me covered in prayers – the enemy HATES exposure, and even more than that, those of us that are in a personal relationship with THE Only Solution, Jesus Christ.

I have learned so much since then. It is painful to share this – but I’m going to do it anyway.

He is with us always, even to the end of the age.


To answer your question –

I have always known SOMETHING was wrong – but I had no idea what it was.

People who know me will tell you that there is NO explanation for the freakish events that have followed me since I was a child. For years I have known that something was “back there.” For years I have written it off – as what difference does it make? Can I change the past?

(For most of my life, whatever it was, I was also sure it was my fault)

You have asked me to address WHY I believe I am DID? At this point, I can’t do that. For starters, I am not a professional, I am not qualified to make a diagnosis. That said, I have a few memories and enough circumstantial evidence to make a case for DID. What I can do is relate to you what I do know, and let’s go from there. It is my prayer that one day to be able to unlock the mystery lurking in the shadows of my past.

(That prayer was and is being answered – Thank you Lord!)

It was late summer of 2009 – I was in complete anguish. I was homeless and in total despair. Out of desperation, I asked the Lord to have mercy and allow me to die. I meant it – I just could not bear anymore.

Obviously, He did not answer that prayer, but instead began to gently lead me . . .

(awakening/remembering is a process – and if you are not careful, is also re-traumatizing, which is not good. Not only is it a shock to learn that your entire life has been a LIE? Deeply embedded programming and booby traps are layered in – if not carefully disarmed, can do tremendous damage.

(The objective is healing, not more trauma).

. . .started with the truth regarding the sinister agenda at work in our world that is clearly foretold in biblical prophecy. Concurrently with this very rude awakening? The Lord guided me to my ancestry, my parents and in particular – my father’s work history. As I gathered up the bits and pieces – it was surreal to realize that I was 51 years old, and knew little to nothing about my background, my family, etc. Starting with the little I did know, I went forward – and zemblanity, or the inevitable discovery of what I would rather not know . . .happened.

(LOL #zemblanity – deserves its own hashtag) The polar opposite of serendipity

What you are about to read is an overview – there is more – much more – over a half of a century more. I can’t even imagine what I will find when I finally get free of that which is holding my memories as prisoners of war.

I wanted to keep this brief – I really did. It didn’t happen. So, I apologize in advance for the length. The process of writing this was amazing – although reliving some of the stuff was difficult – it was also cathartic.

So please . . . be patient with me. I appreciate your time reading my story.

To begin – I am (bloodline) daughter of high-level government contractor with (over the top) Top Secret clearances with the Pentagon. My father’s ancestry includes Captain Thomas Button (explorer and member of the Virginia Charter – has areas of the east coast named after him) and Gwinnett Button, a signer of the declaration of independence – signed his name backward. :/

(also the founder of not one but two of the earliest Freemason Temples in America – he was a dead ringer for Amstel Rothschild as a young man – and a dead ringer for Rockefeller in his later pictures – perhaps a shapeshifter? I don’t know, but intend to do a blog post on it in the future)

My mother’s ancestry is 100% Celtic. I was born a blue-eyed strawberry blonde – that developed into flaming red by the time I was a young woman.

According to my mother, I was born in 1957 in a small Riverside California hospital. I was one month early and one ounce less would have landed me in the preemie nursery. During childbirth, my mother was administered morphine. She said that as she was about to lose consciousness, she heard the doctors say that they could not get the baby to breathe, born blue, etc.

Her last thought was her baby was dead, when she woke up, they handed me to her.

Interestingly enough – the last conversation I had with my father (2004) was about my birth. He said that none of this ever happened. (In fact, got rather nasty with me about it). When I asked my mother again in one of my last conversations with her (2013) about my birth – she repeated the account above.

Are you serious? How can the events surrounding your firstborn child’s birth be controversial?

To this day my mother has never treated me like her firstborn or a daughter – but rather like the other woman. This is not just coming from me – many people throughout my life cannot understand her hateful and bizarre behavior towards me. Today – my entire birth family and I are estranged – although I have tried countless times to reconcile with them, clearly there is an agenda to keep us divided.

I have one (very early) memory of my father taking me to a military base when I was very young. We were still living in California so I couldn’t have been more than two or three. I have come to believe that this base was China Lake. This memory is very difficult for me – it is a hodgepodge of fragments that have to do with hands, being very cold, nakedness and blood. I would like to remember more, but I can’t. There is a wall there. Even if I could put those pieces together – I cannot find the words to express it.

Arizona Wilder ( a pseudonym) looks more like me than my own siblings. When I saw her speaking on YouTube -I could not believe my eyes! I was literally looking at myself – even some of her mannerisms are mine.

(I’m not the only one whose noticed – many others have said the same.)

After I saw Arizona Wilder on YouTube then showed other people who agreed the resemblance was remarkable.

Sometimes, there are too many coincidences that the probability of “random” is about the same as winning the lottery)


Continuing –

My father took a job with Lockheed across the country in Plainfield NJ. We moved from California to Piscataway Township (1961) – my mother was pregnant with her third child. I have a few memories of this trip – I was four, my brother was two. Over the course of the next five years, she had four more children. Much of my early years were spent taking care of them; I cooked, cleaned and babysat from a very early age.

I loved them very much, sadly – they were NOT allowed to love me back.

I was very sick as a child – sometimes months on end. One summer when I was six-years old, when other children were outside playing? I spent almost a month in a darkened room with bandages over my eyes. I do not remember why this was – except I was told I had to do this or I would be blind for life. I came close to dying from pneumonia on two occasions, both times were during summer vacations – once when I was five, and again when I was seven. (I was in an oxygen tent, my brothers and sisters were called into the room to say goodbye to me) I was deathly ill over a couple of Christmas holidays as well. ( I do wonder if they timed their experiment/tortures to coincide with school breaks).

(Due to waterboarding – both pneumonia and pleurisy have plagued me throughout my life. During waterboarding, some of the water can flow through the nostrils and into the lungs, water in the lungs, especially if it’s dirty, can cause potentially deadly pneumonia or pleuritis, an inflammation of the lung lining)

My father traveled a lot – leaving my mother and myself to look after the babies. I would hear him tell my mother he was “flying out” to various important sounding locations such as “White Sands,” “Wright Patterson,” ” “Edwards AFB,” “Nevada Proving Grounds,” “Nellis AFB “DC” and “the Pentagon.” When he came home, he told stories of a microwave oven that could bake a potato in five minutes (unheard of at the time), and monkeys that died in seat belt experiments.

He was gone much of the time. I hated it when he left, and I hated it more when he came home.

My parents drank hard – and fought harder. There was abuse. A LOT of abuse (physical, sexual and verbal). And neglect. My father was a well paid senior executive government contractor – my mother was a registered nurse. We lived in a beautiful home in an upper-middle-class neighborhood (s). Oddly enough, we were told that there wasn’t any money. Basic necessities such as food, clothing, and toiletries were strictly monitored in our house. Food – oatmeal was a common dinner. Medical/dental care – emergencies only. Clothes – as a teenager I had one skirt, two sweaters and two pairs of knee socks – washed my hair in dish soap. Although I was diligent in keeping myself and my siblings clean, washed our clothes every single night – I found myself ridiculed by my classmates.

I have a few memories of my father coming into my room at night. Access to these memories is difficult and cripplingly painful. While I remember enough to know they were of sexual abuse; I really do NOT want to remember . . . what I do remember is nauseating.

School was also very strange. I remember I could not stay awake in the afternoons, sleeping through the afternoons of second, third, fourth grade – it really bothered me. I would leave school feeling guilty, promising myself that I would do better the next day (which I never could). What is odd? Nobody ever said anything to my parents – as far as I know. Teachers ignored me for most of my elementary school years. (I was an avid reader – basically schooled myself by reading every single book in the library by the eighth grade (including the entire set of the Encyclopedia Britannica)

WHY would a healthy child have to sleep during the day? (How about being accessed at night? Was I “switching?”) And WHY would none of my teachers ever say anything to me, or to my parents?

I have a vivid memory of the local news station coming to my classroom – I was in the first grade. They shoved their cameras in my face as I was saying the pledge of allegiance. (Later on my father mocked me for using the wrong hand) They sent home 8x10s of this event – my parents showed them to me, then they disappeared. Seriously, if someone took those kinds of pictures of my kids? I would have had them framed and hung them on the wall! Strangely enough, this sort of thing happened again many years later while I was studying in Israel.

(I’ve since recovered memories of being picked up in big black cars from that same school, – and taken to Rutgers University for testing PSI abilities)

I recall taking a trip with my father to the Pentagon – I remember not being able to sleep because I was so excited about my first trip on an airplane. I don’t remember much about that trip – a few bits and pieces. A few years ago, I was talking with my mother who said it never happened. Really? Yes. It did. Happen.

When I was six or seven – I have a shadowy memory of walking down a tight staircase. There were other kids with me – when we got to the bottom, it opened up into a large room – looked like a control center or office pool – random desks, chairs, papers everywhere. It smelled like cigarettes. Sweaty looking men with white shirts, black-rimmed glasses, and skinny ties. The walls were painted greenish gray. Down the hall, there was a room with a chair in the middle of the room. They strapped me into that chair, there were lights flashing all around me. My heart was about to beat out of my chest, I was sick to my stomach – I wanted OUT of that chair! There were a lot of people looking at me in the chair. I hated them looking at me in that chair, in fact, I hated them too. They were cruel, cold and smelled like BO, smoke, and something else that made my stomach churn. (chemicals or cat urine?)

(Say hello to one of the first (of many) Montauk GIRLS

I have another memory of my father taking myself and my two brothers to what looked like a corner drugstore – we went to the backroom and were given some strange wooden toys to play with. We were given a solemn speech about how important to our country this was, so we had to do exactly what we were told. There were other kids there too. When we were done, we would get to buy penny candy. I remember a “bad-lady,” skinny, wore all black and lots of jewelry. Although the toys were fun, I wanted to go home. I also remember her standing behind one of my brothers, and looking over to my father. I didn’t like her near him.

A few pennies and a handful of laffy-taffy late? I forgot all about it.

Today – this brother is the only one out of all of us that (seems) to be unscathed. (He’s not) He was promoted – a superstar athlete and all-around whiz kid all through school. My mother doted on him. He was the class president. He took over as the head of IBM’s legal department only 9 months after law school. He is practice for himself now – although he seems successful, he too has his own monsters to battle.

As a parent and grandparent myself, looking back – one thing that is noticeably absent from my memories is love. There is some seriously twisted stuff back there – from both parents – and crazy things with my brothers and sisters. Presently, out of the six of us? One is dead (very mysterious circumstances surrounding his death) another is (diagnosed) schizophrenic, my mother and all three of us girls are financially strapped in spite of the fact that we all have very high IQs and have all put ourselves through college. We do not drink or use drugs.

We just seem to be on the losing side of FAIL.

In contrast, my father is a very wealthy man. He comes from “old money,” my grandfather’s family owned Royal Typewriter. While America struggled through the depression? They owned lands and houses in ultra prime real estate of America – just outside Manhattan. My mother told me that my grandmother was seeing eugenics guru Margaret Sanger during her pregnancy with my father. My Aunt (his sister) was married into the (extremely wealthy) Beebe family, her children (my cousins) headed-up major corporations like Standard Oil and Corn Products (now retired).

My father took a job with Hallicrafters in Chicago 1965 – which was in the process of merging with Northrup Grumman. It took him a year to move us from New Jersey – obviously, he was waiting to learn the location of where he would be working before he decided where to purchase a home. Meanwhile, back in New Jersey during that hellish year, there were TWO attempts on my mother’s life.

Hallicrafters merged with Northrup in 1965 and settled in Rolling Meadows. It only then did my father finally purchase a house for us one suburb over. Within a year of the move, my life went from bad to straight up hell. Looking back, there is no doubt in my mind that we were targeted by the occult as well as the alphabet agencies. What happened during these years to my mother, myself and siblings is without precedent.

When I was fifteen – after a bitter divorce that dragged on for years, my father and mother went their separate ways. My father moved to Maryland, my mother stayed in Illinois. She was brutal to me – when she was drunk, she was vicious. She’d beat me with belts, brooms – anything. If I went to the police – they would send me home and I would get it twice as hard. As a psychiatric nurse, she was also a master manipulator.

During this time, she turned my brothers and sisters against me, breaking my heart.

When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I went to stay with my father, who was now an upcoming executive with Litton Industries. We lived in an apartment in Laurel MD.

A few years back, the term “Darpa Brat” circulated in my mind over and over again. It would not stop – drove me nuts! After several days of this, I finally looked up what Darpa was, and where it was located. As I have been the recipient of a variety of horrific illnesses, including the nanotech-based “Morgellons,” it blew my mind that we lived just five minutes from DARPA during the time I was in Laurel.

Litton Industries is a major military contractor (microwaves/ electronic warfare) and the parent company of Litton-Bionetics, a pioneer biotechnology subsidiary and also some­time vehicle for covert operations. Litton has definitive links to Nazi Germany through the I.G. Farben Company. Litton is also a player in the secret space program. (Strangely enough, during the time my father worked for them, Litton purchased my (deceased) grandfather’s business – Royal Typewriters).

Litton Bionetics, a division of mammoth defense contractor Litton Industries, is linked to the Rockefeller empire through a history of managerial appointments (1.) A Litton Bionetics report to the NCI in 1971 listed virtually every virus, viral recombinant, and infectious agent under study by the world’s leading cancer researchers, vaccine developers, and biological weapons contractors(2).

  1. “Death in the Air”, p. 357
  2. pp. 12, 466-467, See also “The Rockefeller Foundation” p. 461

Litton Bionetics, a subsidiary of the mega-military contractor Litton Industries, whose President, Roy Ash, was being considered as an alternative to Henry Kissinger for the National Security Advisor post. Instead, Roy Ash became Richard Nixon’s chairman of the President’s Advisory Council on Executive Organizations, and “Assistant to the President of the United States.” And Litton Industries was given over $5 billion in military contracts during the first term of the Nixon administration, $10 million of which went towards the development of AIDS-like viruses.

Litton Bionetics, became a chief supplier of viruses and cell cultures for NCI researchers throughout the world. Funding for this work was largely controlled by the NCI, Rockefeller and Sloan Foundations. Sloan foundation’s annual reports on file in Manhattans public library reveals that Sloan administered mass-media- public-persuasion experiments completely consistent with the CIA’s Project MKULTRA-efforts to develop brainwashing technologies and drugs to affect large populations;

In November 1953, Litton Industries was acquired by Roy L. Ash’s Electro Dynamics Corporation financed by LEHMAN BROTHERS just as SS Baron von Bolschwing was being wiped lily white clean by the CIA and U.S. State Department to enter the United States. I suspect that the arrival of SS Baron von Bolschwing in the country and founding of Litton Industries wasn’t just a coincidence as shown by Litton’s major role in America’s clandestine highly classified offensive chemical and biological-viral warfare programs . . . Additionally, SS Baron von Bolschwing had been Himmler’s SS clandestine expert operative in “Freemasonry.” They knew exactly what they were doing when they established the SS as a secret knightly Teutonic Order of the Black Sun.

At Fort Detrick, Ash’s Litton Bionetics secretly administered Project MKNAOMI through the fort’s U.S. Army Special Operations Department (SOD) ran in concert with the Baron von Bolschwing’s tutored SS CIA’s Technical Services Staff Albarelli, H.P., A Terrible Mistake, The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments, Trine Day LLC, Waterville, OR (2009) pg. 181

(Seriously? Is it really that big of a stretch to see Litton Industries (microwaves/electronics) working with Litton Bionetics (nanotech) working under one corporate roof to create mass mind control?)

While in Maryland, my father brought me to a golf course. He left me sitting on a bench while he played 18 holes. I could NOT stay awake – so I laid down on the soft green grass. I woke up to several people standing over me and shouting – they thought I had been hit by a random golf ball. Over the next years, my father mockingly referred to this on several occasions – but seriously, who deposits their fifteen-year-old daughter on a bench to play 18 holes of golf?

I was a very rebellious 15year old – the 70s were a tough time to be a broken teenager. Not only that? I still had the problem of staying awake during the day. My father was distant, cold and very cruel. I only lasted in Laurel for the school year, then moved back with my mother in the Chicago area.

Unfortunately, now she hated me more than ever.

I began to run away from home – nobody ever went looking for me. (they didn’t have too – my father had tracking implants on me) One of these “trips” (1973) I spent a month in an apartment at the Watergate – I have no memory beyond this, except I was hungry most of the time. I guess this gave them a better access to me – if no one is watching – then they can do what they want. I finally left home for good when I was 16.

During my high school years, I attended FIVE different high schools. When most kids my age were going to prom? I was working two jobs and had my own apartment


Okay – that is more than plenty for today.

I am a piece of living history testifying to an agenda for mass mind control.

See you in a few days.